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A new autonomous underwater vehicle/remotely operated vehicle allows users to conduct multiple underwater missions, while providing a cost-efficient alternative to deploying separate AUVs and ROVs for individualized tasks.

UUV Aquabotix introduced its second-generation hybrid underwater vehicle, the Integra AUV/ROV. The vehicle is designed for use across several sectors, including law enforcement, research, environmental assessment, defense and infrastructure, and can search wide areas using AUV mode (untethered) while conducting detailed inspections using ROV mode (tethered).

Single-person deployable, portable and lithium ion battery-powered, the Integra can be configured with multiple sensors and maneuvered by an easy-to-use intuitive platform accessible from any web-enabled device, according to the company website.

Users can easily switch from AUV mode to ROV mode by attaching the tether to remotely control the vehicle’s six degrees of freedom of motion. When running the vehicle in autonomous operation, all mission planning is completed in an intuitive Windows-based application.