Unmanned Systems

Unmanned ground, aerial and naval systems provide a remotely-operated and autonomous safe option for surveillance, data gathering, inspection, resupply, etc. for defense, security and dual-use missions.

information gathering

Information Gathering Tech to be Used Before Maritime Operations

A new information gathering technology will be used for the first time with US Navy unmanned vehicle systems to improve how information is gathered...
future warfare

Future Warfare Tech Experimented on Field

The US Marines Corps has been experimenting new technologies in order to prepare for future wars. Live experiments allow the service to realistically see...

Anti-UAV Defense System Unveiled

A trio of British technology companies comprising Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems - leaders in their respective fields - have...
human-machine teaming

Human-Machine Teaming Reaches New Record

The level of human trust in military autonomous systems influences their teaming performance. In fact, the  U.S. Defense Science Board identified six barriers to...

iHLS TV Special Video Edition: The Barak-8 Missile

Register to iHLS Israel Homeland Security In this Special iHLS TV Edition, we discuss the Barak-8 Air & Missile Defense System, which will be operational...

New Swarm Technology For Guard Robots

Despite perimeter fences and other site barriers, intrusion into protected areas is not uncommon. When trespassing is detected in a protected area, the main...

UAV agricultural spinoffs

Advanced Defense Technologies announced that marketing plans are in progress to utilize drone and UAV technology for precision agriculture applications. According to Market Wired...
big data

Big Data: From Commercial to Security Applications

In commercial industries, understanding and analyzing big data on real time can lead to cost reduction, better-targeted marketing and increased efficiency. Like many businesses...
hypersonic glide vehicle

Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Can “Skip” Through Atmosphere at Speed

China's new HGV, hypersonic glide vehicle, named  DF-17, in the form of ballistic missiles will not only challenge the defenses of the US but...

New Manufacturer in Loitering Munition Field

Loitering munition is a weapon system category in which the munition loiters around the target area for some time, searches for targets, and attacks...
seeing around corners

Seeing Around Corners With Your Smartphone Camera

Many of today’s self-driving cars use automated systems that work in tandem with a collection of sensors and cameras. For example, Tesla’s Autopilot relies...
parachute recovery system

Drone Ballistic Parachute Recovery System To Hit Market Soon

Civilian drones have become a big part of many companies lives, from filming movies and advertisements to delivering packages like Amazon wants to start...
first responders capabilities

Ground-Breaking Tech Sought for Smart City Emergency Response

First responders capabilities are to be enhanced within the framework of the US efforts to advance smart city technologies. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)...
autonomous systems

Autonomous Systems for Supply Missions Needed

Britain's defense ministry is asking security contractors to design new autonomous systems that can be used to deliver supplies to ground forces. Israel’s IAI developed...

USVs and UUVs in the future: smaller, cheaper and more autonomous

Bring the cost and the dimensions of unmanned naval systems, increase the scope of their autonomous operation, and bring down to the bare minimum...
defense industries

Cooperation Accelerates Local Defense Industries

The Israeli defense industries have been actively participating in the Make in India initiative launched in 2014 and in other initiatives many years before....
drone threat

US Dealing With Commercial Drone Threat

Do commercial drones pose a genuine security threat? Owen West, a former Marine who U.S President Donald Trump hired to advise Secretary of Defense...
militant groups

Militant Groups Using Drones As Weapon

The use of drones by militants in the battlefield persists also in Syria. Russian forces have foiled a drone attack on an airbase in...

UAV, UAS or RPAS – What is The Right Term?

As a fast-growing market thriving with innovative technologies, unmanned aerial systems have received various names. Manufacturers, public organizations, operator, and associations are all referring...

Authorities May Soon Require Drone Operator Licenses

Quadcopter is the last hit among professional photographers. They use the unmanned platform to take wedding and other event photos from "exotic” angles. Only...
Combat Vehicles

Futuristic Robotic Combat Vehicles, AI Closer Than We Think

Gen. Mark Milley, the U.S. Army's chief of staff said that the service's future combat vehicles and helicopters will need to serve in both...

Drone Tech May Fulfill New Maritime Role

During tug operations for vessels maneuvering, as during entrance to a port, the tugboat and the crew conventionally position themselves in front of and close...