special forces

US Special Forces Upgrade Mission Readiness

The US special forces are always looking for new ways to develop their situational awareness. Recently, it was announced that the special forces installed...

Flight Data Accessibility Moves Forward

Upgrades and innovation in flight display systems technology have been contributing to the enhancement of pilot situational awareness during flight. Garmin International recently announced a...
electronic warfare

Accelerating Development of Anti Electronic Warfare Tech

The US Army Research Lab has been increasingly focusing on fighting land wars against far more technologically sophisticated adversaries than it has in the...
autonomous ship

Giant Corporations Team Up On Autonomous Ship Tech

Two giant corporations team up on the development of autonomous ship technology. Rolls-Royce has signed a deal with Google to develop further its intelligent...
sensor data

Sensor Data and Awareness in Space

A growing number of satellite system owners and operators need new capabilities to protect their assets and missions in space. To address this need,...
unmanned aircraft system

New UAS Unveiled by Giant Defense Industry

A new small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) has been unveiled by Lockheed Martin. The OUTRIDER is a lightweight, canister launched UAS designed in partnership...
airspace management

Innovative Airspace Management Platform Deployed

As the usage of drones increases, the development of airspace management infrastructure, including systems for sharing flight rules, approved flight areas and flight conditions,...
military amphibious operations

Commercial Technologies to Help Military Amphibious Operations

Autonomous vehicles, augmented reality systems, and advanced wireless networks were among over 50 new technologies showcased during a recent US military amphibious operations exercise....
AR headset

AR Headset Will Enable Soldiers to See What’s Around Corner

The newly unveiled Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR) headsets aim to give soldiers “situational awareness,” making it possible to map and locate targets or talk...
ihls security accelerator

Call for Proposals for iHLS Security Accelerator Fourth Cycle

Are you developing an innovative technology in one of the following fields? HLS, unmanned systems and robotics, autonomous vehicles, cyber and information security, border and...
new uas flight app

New UAS Flight App Enhances Situational Awareness

UAS users can now make decisions about flight safety more in a more informed way. A partnership between AirMap and Kespry will result in...
electronic warfare

Electronic Warfare – Keeping Up with Development Rate

The US Army’s Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) has recently sent its near-term electronic warfare (EW) capability solution to Europe, and soldiers there will get a...
command and control

Revolutionary Innovation in Military Command and Control

The US Marine Corps has been dictating military development trends in recent years. With a next generation radar system and a mobile radio antenna,...
situational awareness

Situational Awareness – Also at the Individual Soldier Level

The ability to send a command-and-control view to smaller units—or even individual soldiers—in the field has been a goal of the military for a...
communications technologies

New Communications Technologies Offered to First Responders

A couple of noteworthy communications technologies were recently examined by a first responder agency that evaluated them for public safety use. The US Department of...
mobile mapping system

New Mobile Mapping System Integrates Lidar & Inertial Navigation System

Geographical mobile mapping systems have become an important component of unmanned aerial vehicles. Together with heavy-payload, low-cost drones and the opening of the civil...
situational awareness

Pioneering Development Provides Arctic Situational Awareness

A new development in situational awareness technology would support operations in harsh environments such as the arctics. Finnish maritime innovators Fleetrange, a maritime startup and...
video analytics

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Video Analytics

An Artificial Intelligence technology that is the world's first to show an awareness of its environment and of the actions occurring within it has...

Communication Sharing Across Border During Disaster

During a disaster, thousands of people are trying to communicate through the same network at the same time in the same area. This results...
security accelerator

Are You Developing Innovative Technology in One of The Following Fields?

Reminder: Applications can be submitted by November 25th, 2017. Are you developing an innovative technology in one of the following fields? Military technology, security, homeland security,...

Meet COBRA – New Submarine Hunting Sensor

A US Navy drone will soon operate an advanced sensor giving it increased ability to detect and destroy enemy mines and submarines from a...
cellular video system

Israeli Technology – World’s Smallest Cellular Video System

Israeli tech-firm, Memtex, develops and manufactures miniature wireless or cellular surveillance systems optimized for law enforcement, government agencies, special forces, HLS, and emergency services....


Guido de Croon / TU Delft|MAV Lab https://www.eurekalert.org/multimedia/1034511

Tiny Drone Gets AI Eyes to Navigate Autonomously

An autonomous navigation system for small, light drones inspired by insects combines visual homing (using visual cues for orientation) with odometry (measuring distance in...