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The prototype of a new operational tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) completed its first flight. The Horlytsya UAV was developed by the Ukrainian Antonov state enterprise for reconnaissance missions in support of the country’s ground forces.

The UAV technical characteristics allow performing various functions, in particular reconnaissance, fire coordination, as well as engaging enemy target by using air-to-ground missiles. “This UAV is capable of staying in flight for 7 hours, operating at a 5 thousand meters altitude, its range of flight is 1000+ kilometers”, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said.

“As soon as we optimize semi-strategic level, the next step is strategic level UAV development,” he added.

According to, the Horlytsya is the first domestic platform, capable to perform combat tasks. Currently, such devices are produced by a number of countries in the world, primarily the United States, Israel, Italy, France, China, and Turkey. The development of similar complexes, as a rule, required about five years and multimillion investments, while Horlytsya was developed at the expense of SE Antonov.

The UAV was designed to reinforce Ukrainian Ground Forces in conducting day and night הreconnaissance under all weather conditions and transmitting the received data to the

command post. Compared with other vehicles, this UAV can conduct air reconnaissance longer – not less than 7 hours. The aerial vehicle is capable of conducting optoelectronic reconnaissance in the visible and infrared ranges. It automatically recognizes, captures and follows moving targets, aiming ammunition.

The given UAV allows to establish operational communications and support combat units that perform tasks in the tactical depth of the enemy. It is part of a tactical unmanned aviation complex that will consist of four drones of this type, a ground control station and facilities for launching and landing aircraft, transportation and repair.