Drones Use Face Recognition Technology

  A new innovation program was revealed during a Menlo Park, California conference. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials told technology entrepreneurs that the DHS...

New US Passport Regulations Prevent Travellers From Entry

New passport regulations for entering the United States could prevent millions of tourists from travelling to the country this summer. The US government quietly...

iHLS Defense and HLS Accelerator Still Receiving Applications

The program enables startups to reach a level of maturity for pilot and investment while exposing them to investors, partners, and potential clients around...

Call For Proposals For Startups In Defense and HLS Fields

  iHLS, the global media leader in security technology, is inviting entrepreneurships in this field to join the second cycle of the world first accelerator...
border wall

Which Technologies would Turn US-Mexico Border Wall Effective?

  The American President Donald Trump has announced plans to prioritize pursuing a border wall with Mexico. But will it be effective? According to aei.org, walls...

Could Facial Recognition Prevent The Next Terror Attack?

The departments of Defense and Homeland Security have invested in technology to prevent attacks like the one in Brussels, including facial recognition technology that...
latent print

New Technique to Find Latent Prints at Crime Scenes

A new technique has been developed to assist in finding latent prints at the crime scene. In a crime scene examination, investigators collect items of...

Biometric Scanning Will Track Imposters at Border Checkpoints

The US government has implemented various measures to tighten border security, track visitors, and attempt to keep visitors with potential terrorist ties from entering...

21st Century Airport Security is Here – Predictive Analytics

The 9/11 attacks are among the most well-known security threats, and they upended how we travel. To protect passengers and crews, airports have made...
future forces

Warrior Suit for Future Forces Unveiled

Russia has unveiled a futuristic exoskeleton suit designed for Russian warfighters at an event at Moscow’s National University of Science and Technology (MISIS). The...

Startup: Identifying Dangerous Individuals Using Biometric Face Structure

Today, in the 21st century, violence and terror are mightier than ever.  This trend has many reasons – from refugee movement and civilian wars...

Biometrics To Protect Borders

Protecting airports, seaports, and border checkpoints is a major concern for national security agencies. These hubs provide not only the most accessible passage in...

Security Market in Development – Iris Biometric Recognition

Iris biometric recognition is an automated method of biometric identification, that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of one or both of the...

White House Seeks To Jumpstart Smart Gun Technology

Washington is putting serious effort into pushing smart gun technology forward. The White House has just released a joint report by the Defence, Justice,...

Facial Recognition and Body Cam – Horizon of Law Enforcement

Police body cameras are rapidly being deployed in cities across the US, and we may be failing to fully consider the risks of pervasive...
facial recognition

New Anti-Surveillance Development Will Thwart Facial Recognition

A new project aims to reduce the confidence score of facial detection and recognition by providing false faces that distract computer vision algorithms. A Berlin-based...
airport security

Egypt Putting an Effort to Upgrade Airport Security

Egyptian officials said recently that they’re getting closer to meeting all demands set by Russia on airport security to resume flights to Egypt. The...

iHLS Security Accelertor Start-Ups Recieve Massive Attention

Eight innovative startups gave a spectacular and fascinating presentation at the graduation event of the iHLS security accelerator’s first cycle, which took place at...
firearm security

Israeli Technology – Cure for An American Plague

Firearm security and accesibility have been greatly controversial topics in the United States along recent decades. The fact that private and unprofessional individuals hold...
securing protests

Securing US Protests  – How Could Israeli iHLS Accelerator Help?

Anti-Trump protests erupted in major cities across the United States following the Presidential inauguration. Some of the rallies escalated into violence, and the police...

S Korea Adopts Biometric Security

South Korea is turning to the most advanced technology to bolster security. The government has announced that it will be deploying facial recognition technology...
big data for homeland security

Great Interest in IHLS Big Data for Homeland Security Conference

iHLS fifth annual conference on Big Data for Homeland Security attracted many technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs and representatives of the high-tech industries, defense industries,...