Russian Military Application of Face Recognition Tech

A Russian face recognition system can be used to control access and prevent unsanctioned access in the military sector. The monitoring cameras of the...
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Businesses are Harvesting our Biometric Data – Should We Be Worried?

In our highly digital age, biometric data is everywhere- from facial recognition on our phones to fingerprints unlocking our laptops. Facial recognition is the most...
Laser Detect Heartbeat

Laser Technology Can Detect and Identify Heartbeats

  Just like our fingerprints and irides, each of us has a unique heart. Our cardiac signature can be used to identify us just as...

New Emergency Function by Smartphone Giants

Apple's new operating system will come with an option to lock your iPhone's fingerprint scanner and bring up a hotline to the police. The...
Video IoT Platform

New Video IoT Platform for Security and Commercial Applications

A new Video IoT Platform for security and commercial uses has been released recently by Gorilla Technology, a global provider of video intelligence and...
Facial recognition software illustration

Airports to Test Facial Recognition Software

The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has made plans to launch a facial recognition software pilot at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas....
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Call for Israeli and World Startups: Security Accelerator’s 8th Batch with...

Do you have a groundbreaking technology? iHLS, an expert on security technology with a focus on dual-use technologies invites startups from Israel and abroad to...

iHLS Accelerator’s Startup: World’s Thinnest Drone Showcasing Autonomous Navigation Capabilities

An Israeli groundbreaking technology has brought about the development of a miniaturized drone, showcasing an unprecedented combination of autonomy, miniaturization and artificial intelligence. The...

Concerns over Breach of Huge Facial Recognition Database 

Facial-recognition technology, which matches photos of unidentified victims or suspects against enormous databases of photos, has long drawn intense criticism from privacy advocates. Now,...
video analytics

Utilizing Video Analytics New Generation, Effectively

The video analytics industry has made its developments in recent years products effective, and useful, and most importantly and distinguished from its early years,...
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AI Boxes in Retail Protecting Businesses

Retail companies have begun employing AI boxes as a means of bettering their businesses. These AI boxes can help with many aspects of these...
INNOTECH broadcast

Insightful Discussion Panels on HLS, Cyber and Innovation Expected at INNOTECH...

Cyber Discussion Panels Privacy loss justified by a pandemic Ethics in the operation of intelligence products vis a vis civilians in the COVID-19 age ...
US riots

Growing Use of This Technology During US Riots

Facial recognition is becoming a key investigative tool for police departments across the United States as protestors fill the streets following the killing of...
latent print

New Technique to Find Latent Prints at Crime Scenes

A new technique has been developed to assist in finding latent prints at the crime scene. In a crime scene examination, investigators collect items of...
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Police Use Facial Recognition, Arrests Wrong Man

A police department in Detroit announced it will no longer be using facial recognition technology as the basis for arrest after wrongfully jailing the...
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Apply Now – iHLS Security Accelerator 5th Cycle

Are you a disruptive startup in the security field? We at the iHLS Security Accelerator are looking for innovative ground-breaking technologies offering solutions for civilian...
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This Facial Recognition Tech Can Not Be Deceived

UK government is interested in facial recognition technology in order to manage border crossings between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland following the...
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Brain Hacking – Reality or Fiction?

The world of biohacking and neurotechnology- a future of implanting microchips and altering brain processes. Yet how can we navigate this new frontier without...
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World’s Highest-Performance Face Recognition Tech to Be Exposed

A new face recognition server software using deep learning technology will be released this year. This high-precision face recognition software can identify faces that...
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Call for Startups – Apply to iHLS Security Accelerator 8th Batch

Are you developing a ground-breaking technology in the fields of unmanned systems, coping with COVID-19 pandemic, counter drones, border security, safe city? We invite you...
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Call for Startups: Apply to iHLS Security Accelerator – Your Entrance...

iHLS is inviting startups in this field to join the 8th cycle of its Security Accelerator, the world’s first accelerator in the HLS field....

AI-Human Hybrid Soldiers in Rapid Development

U.S. defense intelligence is becoming increasingly concerned by a new technology rapidly emerging in the Chinese military - AI-human hybrid soldiers. Earlier this month, Intelligence...


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Ukraine’s Sea Baby Drones Just Got Deadlier

Ukraine improves its autonomous maritime capability by upgrading its “Sea Baby” multi-purpose unmanned surface vehicle (USV), which is now primarily focused on providing security...