Securing US Protests  – How Could Israeli iHLS Accelerator Help?

securing protests

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Anti-Trump protests erupted in major cities across the United States following the Presidential inauguration. Some of the rallies escalated into violence, and the police had to use stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the protesters.

While advanced security measures and Safe City technologies were deployed in Washington DC during the inauguration day, there are still many technologies that could be useful for US law enforcement teams in their mission to secure the vast rallies and marches.

The innovations offered by some of the startups participating in the iHLS security accelerator have various applications in the homeland security sphere, and could undoubtedly play a role in the current events’ security array in the US.

The innovative startup Sensority, for example, offers a technology based on the analysis of stress states and phsyco physiological bio-markers. The system analyzes the footage of a person from the moment he enters a compound such as an airport and is filmed by dozens of security cameras according to several parameters, such as perspiration and breathing rate for example, and determines how much of a hazard that person is. In a state of extreme stress like one would have before carrying out a terror attack emotions and thoughts have a unique effect on the human body. Once it identifies, based on complex algorithms, the system sorts people in three groups according to the rate of hazard. The technology combines video analytics and processing on thousands of people in near real-time.

Faception, another startup from the iHLS accelerator, produces personality profiling based only on facial analysis. The technology is ground-breaking in the fields of computerized vision and machine learning and is capable of analyzing face images and uncover personality traits on real time, from video streams (recorded and live), cameras, or online/offline databases. This way, its proprietary classifiers can depict a certain personality type or trait such as a terrorist.

ImpleoTV Systems delivers full motion video and geo-spatial metadata to video analysts and field operators in order to help them easily access, analyze, and present mission information. The company’s server combines efficient recording, review and search capabilities for dealing with vast amounts of ISR content.

Video analytics are also at the center of the solution offered by another startup, Viisights. The company provides video analytics services leveraging unique deep video-understanding technology. The solutions are designed for safe-city, surveillance and homeland security. Viisights’s innovative video understanding technology is capable of analyzing in near real-time a wide variety of video streams.

SafeLand – another iHLS accelerator startup, developed a unique drone command and control system which is able to take off and land the drone autonomously, anchor and recharge it automatically. Law enforcement teams using drones for the surveillance of rallies could use this technology to fly the drones continuously according to a pre-defined geographical perimeter for surveillance. When the drone identifies irregular activities, it reports in real time to the patrol in the area and is able to continue following the violent elements independently until the patrol reaches the scene.

All these technologies and more offer innovative solutions for securing mega-events or crowded perimeters.

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