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Iris biometric recognition is an automated method of biometric identification, that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of one or both of the irises of an individual’s eyes. The patterns are captured using digital cameras and illumination by near infrared technique. The major concern is about the damage to the eye which is overcome by using single LED source to generate infrared rays.

Iris biometric recognition has several advantages such as high accuracy and time performance of the technology. Several countries across the globe have deployed iris biometric systems for automated cross border activities and creating national IDs for the people, The development sliced waiting times while improving national security. Security agencies are using the technology to verify the identity of the people immigrating into their countries. Further, with advancement in technology and rising demand for security, this technology is expected to be used for big residential buildings over the coming years. However, the technology is intrusive and very expensive.

According to press release, a market research report by Persistence Market Research evalutates that the rising demand for authentication and extensive support from the government are major factors fuelling the growth of iris biometrics market. Furthermore, the use of biometric recognition in E-commerce and setting up of a hosted security system on cloud-based systems are expected to attract new and existing players towards growing trend in security and authentication.

However, high cost and fear of privacy disturbance are the major concerns that could pose challenge to the growth of the market.

Other factors affecting the growth of the market are the technical issues regarding the compatibility with existing systems and time to develop the iris recognition system.

Iris biometric finds major applications in end-use sectors such as government, defense, immigration, banking, finance, consumer electronics, healthcare, home and commercial security among others. Additionally, services such as access control, time and attendance monitor, national identity and public safety are delivered by the solutions provided in the market.

The leading providers for iris biometric scanners according to the report are MorphoTrak, Smartmatic, Anviz Global, Smart Sensors Ltd., Iris ID Inc., and SRI International among others. Other players in the market include Aditech Ltd., BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Human Reco Systems, IrisGuard Inc., EyeLock Corp. and AOptix Technologies Inc. among others.

Additionally, smartphone manufacturers are seeing interest in using iris biometric scanning for improving the safety standards. For instance, Samsung is working a development for using iris biometric scanning solution for their high-end mobile phone segment.