Capsule-Launched Drone, AR Headset, and Aircraft-Drone Hybrid

Drone Startups Operationally Tested by IDF Unveiled Lt. Col. Menahem Landau, Head of UAV and Drone Branch, R&D Unit, MAFAT, IMoD, has unveiled the startups...

Revolutionizing Aircraft Manufacturing 

One of the biggest bottlenecks for the modern aerospace industry is that conventional engineering and manufacturing techniques are far too slow for a rapidly...
photo illus by AETC US AIR FORCE

New Training Solution – At the Tip of Your Fingers

Training and simulation in both the civilian and military realms use virtual reality (VR) in order to simulate realistic scenarios.  Current VR headsets use tracked...

Innovative AR Technology to Support First Response on Emergency

In attempt to save more lives and make emergency response more efficient, more and more  AR technologies ard adopted by governments. With augmented reality...

Augmented Reality to Play Role in 5G Infrastructure 

5G cellular network technology signifies the connectivity of everything and everyone everywhere - through wireless communications. The US DoD had been focusing efforts on...

Less Known Aspect of Augmented Reality 

Highly demanding tasks, such as monitoring for threats and operating complex machinery and technologies, is putting an ever-increasing amount of information processing on military...

Dual Use Heads-Up Display Systems

The US Army’s new heads-up display is going to work early against an unusual new enemy: the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The Integrated Visual Augmentation...

Two Advanced Technologies Integrated to Help First Responders

New public safety technologies for first responders are sought by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The technological advancements will produce...

US Army Acquires 40,000 Sets of Mixed Reality Goggles

The United States Army has made plans to acquire 40 thousand pairs of mixed reality goggles. The Army plans to utilize the IVAS (Integrated...

Back to Analog Computers

Computers are experiencing more and more challenges as they have to keep pace with  advancements such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and the Internet...

Farewell to the Sand Table?

Soldiers have always built terrain models, or sand tables to visualize the battlefield. Instead, they will soon be using video feed from tiny drones...
IDF hackathon

Hackathon in Uniforms – Startups Developed by Soldiers During IDF’s First...

The IDF is known as the infrastructure of the StartUp Nation and Israel’s innovation ecosystem. The military service provides young talented soldiers with experience...
head-up display for battlefield

Battlefield Through Future Combatant Eyes

Up-to-date information on the battlefield can provide life-saving time during a mission. A new system will give American combatants a mixed reality view of...
VR/AR Night Vision goggles

Hybrid VR/AR Night Vision Goggles for Troops

The United States Army has recently announced that they are looking for companies willing to engineer and create night vision goggles capable of doubling...
Photo illust US Navy

Keeping a Low Electromagnetic Signature 

Warfighters currently use a 10-pound handheld tablet and sensor to detect the source of radio waves they emit. Such emissions can be deadly if...
Photo illust US Navy

Military Maritime Innovations Successfully Tested

Reliable communication over the open sea is a great technological challenge. It is impossible to have a stationary infrastructure at sea. Nevertheless, increasing resolutions...
Photo illust US Air Force

This Software Improves Situational Awareness During Wildfires

While drones are proving useful for first responder agencies, the data and information they provide can lack context, making them difficult for first responders...
photo illust pixabay

Smart Helmet – Not Just for Iron Man

An interactive head-up display will provide increased safety for law enforcement, firefighters, and even the military. A new helmet prototype is earning comparisons to...
photo illustration

Drone Air Traffic Control Market Accelerating

An evolving regulatory push by the US Federal Aviation Administration has revealed a new market: drone air traffic control. The nature of the commercial utilization...
Photo illust. Verba Wikimedia

AR Upgrade to Russia’s Air Defense 

A new upgrade to Russia’s air defense. Its Verba man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) has been equipped with Augmented Reality (AR) elements.  Verba is a...
augmented reality training

Sailors Trained With AR Technology

Throughout the past few years, the United States military has been implementing augmented reality as training tools, making it easier for soldiers to train...
Photo illlustration US Navy

Virtual Reality Tech to Be Applied Against New Threat

While nuclear weapons and their hazards are well known, radiological weapons somewhat less so. Radiological weapons are designed to disperse highly dangerous and even...


image from video

Revolutionary Snake-Inspired Robot Can Move and Manipulate Objects

Snake-inspired robots have many advantages over conventional wheeled or legged ones, like adapting the shape of their body, entering narrow spaces and moving freely...