IT App Repair – Now You Can Do It Yourself

IT App Repair – Now You Can Do It Yourself

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This new development aims to make IT repair so much easier and accessible – the first augmented reality app for IT repair. An application that allows you to make IT repair by yourself, DIY style. 

Dell Technologies have recently announced the release of an AR application for self-IT repair, for the independent customers that desire more control over their devices. This app, available for free on both iOS and Android, will provide a step-by-step augmented reality experience that allows customers to replace parts of the Dell system and enable next-generation consumer repairs. 

“AR Assistant” guides users through servicing and repair procedures by using the cameras of smartphones to see the device and how to best repair it – all via mixed reality technologies. Worldakkam reports that the app also includes enhanced cloning technology on some systems, allowing you to view the clone server in any space and enable full 360-degree dialogue.

The goal of this development is to make the self-repair of devices more accessible and friendly to user experience.  Currently, the use of Dell’s AR Assistant relies on first making a proper diagnosis and then ordering parts through the technical support team. Future plans are to make parts easier to sell online, further improving the customer experience.

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