Smart Contact Lens for 3D AR Navigation

Smart Contact Lens for 3D AR Navigation

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A smart contact lens is a product attached to the human eye like a normal lens that provides various information. Research on these lenses is currently focused mainly on diagnosing and treating health problems. Recently, Google and others are developing smart contact lenses for displays that can implement AR.

For example, Dr. Seol Seung-Kwon’s Smart 3D Printing Research Team at KERI and Professor Lim-Doo Jeong’s team at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) developed core technology for smart contact lenses that can implement augmented reality (AR)-based navigation, with a 3D printing process.

Just by wearing a lens, navigation unfolds in front of a person’s eyes through AR. Games such as the popular “Pokemon Go” can also be enjoyed with smart contact lenses, not smartphones.

Dr. Seol Seung-Kwon’s of KERI said, “Our achievement is a development of 3D printing technology that can print functional micro-patterns on non-planar substrate that can commercialize advanced smart contact lenses to implement AR.” He added, “It will greatly contribute to the miniaturization and versatility of AR devices.”

The research team believes that this achievement will attract a lot of attention from companies related to batteries and biosensors that require micro-patterning as well as the AR field and plans to find related demand companies and promote technology transfer.

The related research results were recently published as a cover article in Advanced Science.

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