3D Mapping – Advancing AR to the Next Level

Image provided by pixabay

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It would be revolutionary if we could change the world around us with one press of a button, wouldn’t you agree? With the rise of xR technologies and innovation in spatial mapping, this idea is becoming a reality. An augmented reality.

Many of us have experimented with the idea of virtual and augmented reality, whether by applications on our phones or new gaming headsets. One Israeli startup company is working towards taking those ideas and creating a new layer of 3D reality for customers to design, monitor, construct and even provide an enhanced layer of protection.

Resight has developed an AR engine that harnesses AI and creates a shared environment that allows for several developers to work inside of one AR space to create, develop and construct 3D structures, utilizing a stable mesh network.

While this demonstration video shows a lighthearted use of Resight’s technology, it can be used not only for fun activities, but also for defense purposes. By using 3D mapping based on AI and Deep Learning technology, military forces from all around the world can build their own unique augmented training grounds without wasting resources on constructing real life trainings, which often struggle to replicate combat scenarios and require a lengthy time to prepare.

By displaying a new 3D layers on top of perceived reality, multiple soldiers can train in terrain that mimics true combat situations, without the need to fly them out to distant locations, saving precious time and manpower.

Omri Stein, one of the founders of Resight, was fascinated by the idea of adding a digital layer to our physical world. He was convinced that this technology is not just a novel idea displayed in sci fi movies, but a true possible reality. Together with a few close friends, Ori founded the Resight company, who is actively working towards turning this dream into a reality.

To contact Resight, you can reach the company through their official website.