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The United States Army has recently announced that they are looking for companies willing to engineer and create night vision goggles capable of doubling as a virtual and augmented reality device. Army officials have issued a request for information for the Fully Digital Soldier Architecture (FDSA) project.

The Army is looking for a device capable of high frame rate digital image feeds, two and three dimensional terrain data, as well as color displays that provide an intuitive interface and a realistic virtual reality experience.

The Army plans that virtual reality could be used to simulate missions, since virtual reality shuts out the physical world, and augmented reality to add digital elements and situational awareness to a live view of the surrounding.

Among the virtual/augmented reality, night vision goggles, the Army is looking to “digitalize” the future warfighter. The all in one goggles seek to supply soldiers with virtual reality simulation capabilities, digital visual augmentation systems, and night vision. The Fully Digital Soldier Architecture plans to supply soldiers with the goggles system as well as a tactical radio, weapons sights, and a small UAV. 

FDSA is also expected to allow soldiers to customize their digital networks for personal and mission preferences. Customizable options are expected to include degree of automation, end state priority, and more, according to

The hardware is expected to be connected via a hard wire connection such as USB 2.0. Wireless components could be connected via Bluetooth.

As of now, the FDSA will need to address several questions: can 3D technology improve the warfighter’s performance and ability to take in visual information? And will full color digital display via augmented and virtual reality benefit the soldier?