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Factors Accelerating European HLS Market

In light of the alarming ISIS-inspired terror threats and the migration crisis, it is clear that present European security infrastructure cannot meet the challenge....
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Major Growth in Tactical UAV Market Trends

Tactical UAVs are generally used for applications like reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA). The tactical UAV missions can also include target designation, chemical-bio...
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Forecasted HLS Middle East Market 

Emergence and development in robotics, biotechnology and nanotechnology will significantly impact the homeland security market in the forthcoming years, empassing border security for land,...

Global Military Wearables Market is Growing Fast

Military forces of different countries across the globe have increased the use of military wearables to enhance the warfighting capabilities of their soldiers. The...
cyber attack

How to Prepare Effectively for DDoS Cyberattacks

The number of DDoS attacks increased by 84% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to Q4 2018, according to new research from Kaspersky...

Major Shifts Expected in Global HLS Market

Almost 18 years have passed since 9/11, and the global public safety and homeland security market is forecast to go through major shifts. New...
sensor fusion

Global Market Growth Expected in Military Sensor Fusion Technologies

The global military sensor fusion market has reached $204 million, and is set to grow to $756 million by 2029, market research company Visiongain...
GPS anti-jamming

Intriguing Trends in GPS Anti-Jamming Market

GPS technology has revolutionized modern warfare. Military organizations regularly depend on satellite technology for accurate positioning, timing and communications. But GPS signals received on...

What Propels Growth in Perimeter Security Global Market?

A new report sheds some light on the global market of perimeter security. This field comprises of technologies which facilitate protection of people and...
homeland security

What to Expect Regarding Global Public Safety & HLS Markets?

17 years have passed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the global public safety and homeland security market, technologies and industry are forecast to...
military uav market

Impressive Growth in Military UAV Market

Military Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market was estimated to be over USD 5 billion in 2016, and will have a market value of more...
quantum computing

Quantum Computing – Advantage or Security Threat?

Several Federal agencies of the U.S. security network, when polled, indicated they see quantum computing and artificial intelligence as potential security threats, especially in...

AI Now Exposes Fake Robbery Claims

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can now be used to expose the truth of a fake claim filed for insurance purposes without wasting police time. Law...
Pocket Notepad

First of Its Kind App Developed for IDF Training Base in...

The IDF’s training camp in the Negev, “Ir Habahadim” (the “City of Training Bases”), is known for its magnitude and innovation. The wide array...
HLS market

Global HLS Market Forecast – Substantial Growth

The global Homeland Security market is subject to witness a substantial growth due to the growing demand for safety equipment and solutions by various...

What Are the Prospects for Global C4ISR Market?

The global competitive C4ISR market is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 4% during the next five years. C4ISR, indicating Command,...

Who Will Be World Leader in Face Recognition Technology?

A recent research evaluates that China will become the biggest player in facial recognition technology both as a consumer and a provider. By 2023,...
aerospace and defense

PwC Report: Which Way will Aerospace and Defense Industries Choose?

Aerospace and defense companies must focus on innovation in order to keep pace with new entrants. This is the recommendation of the Aerospace and...

Turning Point in Global Airborne ISR Market

The increasing integration of Android and iOS-based devices is a major trend in the global airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) market. The Android...

Hiring More Security Experts – Will it Improve Cybersecurity?

While hackers have been constantly reaching out for new technologies, information security teams are also obliged to adopt advanced technological methods in order to...
smart city

2018 – Smart City Breakthrough Year

Smart city development has progressed over the past few years, with most of the conversation surrounding smart city planning has so far focused on...

Market Trends of Future Forces Wearable Devices

The future forces will be equipped with a wide array of wearable devices for various purposes. One of these categories will be monitoring systems....


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Israel Unveils Orbiter 2 LM Suicide Drone

Israel-based Aeronautics Group, known for its tactical drones, reveals its latest addition to the Orbiter family of UAVs – a one-way loitering munition called...