AI Automation – By 2025

AI Automation – By 2025

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Despite technological developments and progress toward digitization, IT technology developers continue to work hard on developing software that will simplify manual tasks. In order to achieve this, we can use Intelligent Automation, which combines artificial intelligence with automation technologies and is revolutionizing the way we handle and process data.

In an organization, such systems can analyze large amounts of data and automate a whole process or a specific task. These systems are already helping several companies and organizations. An analytics insight survey found that companies and organizations continue to use automation combined with AI, and predicts that 80% of companies will be using this technology by 2025. What industries are likely to benefit most from this technology?

Retail and consumer products: Smart automation technology provides opportunities to improve customer experience and coordinate delivery according to customer needs. The survey found that over 80% of respondents expect their companies to adopt smart automation for retail and consumer products, and some expressed an expectation that technology would also be used to collect leads and provide customer service. Approximately 40% reported that their organizations were already using some form of intelligent automation, which contributed to increasing their annual growth.

Energy and Utilities: World energy and infrastructure sectors are experiencing unprecedented changes, while global demand for clean, safe, cost-effective, reliable energy is increasing. Only 15% of companies are using intelligent automation technologies regularly, according to the study. By contrast, 18% of companies admit to using the technology for quick processes, such as forecasting, trading, return optimization, and complaint management. It may be especially beneficial for the energy sector to implement intelligent automation to increase operations, attract new customers, and grow relative to other industries. Already today 40% of the participating managers reported that they saw a significant improvement in the quality of operations, as well as an improved customer experience (thanks to accelerating responses), a decrease in queries, and a boost in staff productivity, through the implementation of intelligent automation.

As a result of digital transformation across organizations and industries, automation technology has taken the lead. Today, a variety of technological advancements, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, and machine-to-machine communication (M2M), contribute to increasing the level of automation in manufacturing. Automation and artificial intelligence help the manufacturer to maximize operations, streamline processes, and reduce production costs by 20%, according to reports by

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