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In light of the alarming ISIS-inspired terror threats and the migration crisis, it is clear that present European security infrastructure cannot meet the challenge. A major overhaul of Western Europe’s internal security infrastructure and funding is already in progress leading to a forecasted $146 billion 2020 Counter-Terror market. 

Europe has been facing terror threats and migration crisis. And, this alarming situation shows no sign of declining. Europeans are now experiencing a disturbing new reality in which ISIS-inspired terror.

European counter terror and public safety infrastructure will go through a major overhaul, sustaining a 13.4% 2016-2020 CAGR surge, nearly four times the pace of the previous five-year period, according to Kenneth Research’s report “European Homeland Security & Public Safety Technologies & Markets – 2016-2020“.

The report evaluates that the European counter-terror and public safety market is boosted by the following drivers:

The ISIS-inspired complex and well-planned Paris and Brussels carnage (162 killed and 668 injured, in 2016, 2017) which sent shockwaves across the continent, shaking the European governments and the European security agencies unlike any other terror attacks since 9/11.

Western European security forces are ill equipped to encounter 21st century ISIS-inspired and trained terrorists who use cutting-edge encrypted communication, make a remarkable use of social networks to recruit and train jihadists, and gather efficient pre-attack intelligence. 

Europol estimates that up to 5,000 European jihadists have returned to the EU after obtaining combat experience on the battlefields of the Middle East.

West European governments understand that they are caught between a rock and a hard place. It is for them to decide how to transform the national counter terror infrastructure, improve interagency cooperation, strategy and surge in funding. according to