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emergency alert system

Emergency Alert System to Get New Features

The Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system has been helping US officials to notify communities of important happenings ever since it was introduced in 2012....

UAV Showcases Impressive Maritime Search Capabilities

Boeing’s UAV manufacturer Insitu recently showcased its newest wide-area maritime surface search and identification technology for representatives from the UK Royal Navy as well...

Technology Can Rival Terror

Due to recent events - terror attacks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and terror threats and alerts in most parts of the...
big data

Groundbreaking Big Data Tech Developed by IDF

The IDF has been dealing daily with missions involving the extraction of information and insights from large masses of data collected by its vast...

Firearms: Israeli license to be subject to psychological assessment

Over the past decade, the total number of firearms owned by private individuals in Israel has decreased dramatically. This has been achieved thanks to...
device encryption

Device Encryption Frustrates Enforcement Agencies

The FBI had been unable to access data from 7,775 devices in fiscal year 2017, a growing figure causing setbacks in cases from terrorism...

Illegal Weapons In Israel – A Matter Out Of Control

Arie Egozi Israel is a huge storage of illegal weapons. Weapon theft from IDF bases is just one source for the massive amount of illegal...

Start-Up: Innovative Learning Platform for Security Organizations – NSG College

Quality learning - this is the moto of the NSG College - National Security Group, that offers security organizations in Israel and all over...
seeing around corners

Seeing Around Corners With Your Smartphone Camera

Many of today’s self-driving cars use automated systems that work in tandem with a collection of sensors and cameras. For example, Tesla’s Autopilot relies...
first responders capabilities

Ground-Breaking Tech Sought for Smart City Emergency Response

First responders capabilities are to be enhanced within the framework of the US efforts to advance smart city technologies. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)...

Israeli Technology – Portable X-Ray Security Detection System

Airports, central railway stations, and other large perimeters are well equipped with X-Ray screening systems for the detection of explosives or suspicious objects. But...
electroshock weapon

New Electroshock Weapon is Based on Wireless Tech

A revolutionary wireless electroshock weapon is in the process of issue by the US Patent Office. The device is defined as a non-lethal weapon...

Wearable Technology to Help Police Forces on Mission

Public safety officials are in a fierce search for applications that will help them with their tasks. The forces also need to be compact...
first responders

Next-Generation Tech for First Responders

First Responders often lack sufficient means of communications in an emergency, due to the lack of cellular coverage etc., a situation that makes it difficult...

Europe Awakens – prepares for large terror attacks

As more and more countries in the west suffer terror threats and massive terror attacks, governments start to realize that defense measures must be...

Prisons – “greenhouses” for terrorists

Experts say that after the terror attacks in Paris, there is a need to monitor not only mosques known for extremist views, but also...
ihls security accelerator

Security Accelerator’s Innovative Developments Showcased at Missile Defense Conference

Side by side with the impressive weapon systems presented at the exhibition of the IAMD Missile Defense Conference, the hundreds of visitors had the...

Not only in Gaza- Third Tunnel in one year discovered in...

An El Centro Sector Border Patrol agent assigned to the Calexico Border Patrol Station discovered a cross border tunnel during a routine patrol along...

Non-lethal Weapons – Future Forecast

The future battlefield is nothing like that of the past. If history has taught us of wars being fought between armies in the open field,...

Integrating Video Analytics Technologies At Airports

Only three years ago a Hezbollah terrorist passed safely and quietly at an airport, just before committing a terror attack in the city of...

The CIA will increase its cyber operations

Cyber warfare is a growing an imminent threat on the U.S. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is planning to join the growing list of...

Terrorist “Stockpiling Explosives In Europe,” Europol Official

Terrorist cells all across the EU are likely stockpiling explosives for future attacks, warned Manuel Navarrete Paniagua, Head of the European Counter Terrorism Center...