Israeli Technology – Portable X-Ray Security Detection System


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Airports, central railway stations, and other large perimeters are well equipped with X-Ray screening systems for the detection of explosives or suspicious objects. But what about screening missions in outdoor environments such as battlefields, border posts, energy installations, etc.?

A series of portable flat-panel digital x-ray inspection systems offers an effective detection solution for sectors such as security, nondestructive testing, science, and more.

The lightweight X-ray inspection systems, developed and manufactured by the Israeli company NOVO DR, offer high image quality, portability, efficient user experience and field work optimization.

Every system includes at the minimum a detector, tablet and software, and an X-ray source.

The light and easy to carry complete set provides over 16 hours of continuous operation using internal batteries.

The fully ruggedized systems for security applications provide a complete solution for grabbing x-ray images in the most extreme and demanding environments, using the ultra-thin detectors.

Adar Yiron, NOVO DR’s EVP Sales and Marketing, told iHLS that the systems ruggedness and their compatibility to the most extreme environments and the fact that they can be carried by the soldiers guarantee that they will function at the right moment.

The light weight of the systems results from the use of the lightest camera sensors in the market. This feature makes the systems suitable for the requirements of the special units, as they can not carry additional weight durin a mission.  

Yiron adds that the company has pioneered this market with the development of a touch screen software, that is suitable for operation in harsh environments, e.g. during a sandstorm in the desert.  

The user interface guarantees easy and rapid operation. In addition to the capability of optimizing images independently, the system offers also an automatic optimization tool called Genie, which supplies the highest quality image with only one touch.

For quick sharing and real-time collaboration, two control tablets may be used, and data is shared instantly and immediate feedback is provided as needed.

According to the company’s website, the series includes a variety of models designed for different security uses, such as:

  • operations done from a vehicle or on the go. The systems are compatible with an external power supply option for an unlimited operation period.
  • operators who need to carry a complete system on the back.
  • parachuting, hostile environments or any other direct action (DA) necessities.
  • covert work in urban scenarios. This extremely lightweight, compact system allows for a discreet approach to crowded areas, while providing easy deployment and immediate outstanding images.

The company, that sees itself as a quality technology leader, sells its products to police and military sappers all over the world.