startup competition

Your Next Opportunity! Apply to Security and HLS Startup Competiton

iHLS is delighted to host for the first time the prestigious Startup Competition for innovative technologies in the security, defense and homeland security fields,...

The Israeli Vehicles That Protect Soldiers from Mines

Two families of armored vehicles manufactured by an Israeli company supply protection to mounted soldiers at the battlefield and are designed for diverse defense,...

TASER Smart Weapon Stops Conflicts from Escalating

The TASER X2 incorporates law enforcement agencies’ most requested features such as a backup shot, dual lasers, and a warning arc to protect life...
voice recognition

Voice Recognition Used by Law Enforcement

Voice recognition technology has revolutionized the commercial market along with the growing use of home devices. However, it has applications in various law enforcement...
Image provided by pixabay

New AI Tool to Secure Schools

Due to the ever-rising amount of violent cases occurring at schools, especially those in the United States, many experts have analyzed possible solutions to...
corona virus

Who Profits from Coronavirus? Hint: They’re Not Human

According to various reports, the Chinese government has been using drones, robots, and artificial intelligence technologies in the fight against the coronavirus, and limit...

Live, Dream and Breath Unmanned Systems? Attend AUS&R 2018 Conference and...

If you are part of the global and Israeli unmanned systems and robotics ecosystem, you cannot afford to miss the leading annual event in...
saftey measures

Hightened Security Measures at International Tennis Chmpionship

Security measures during the Wimbledon Tennis Championship have been increased in light of the recent string of attacks in the United Kingdom. In Wimbledon Park,...
Firefighters test prototypes

Firefighters Test Prototypes That Improve Navigation in Smoky Environments

Firefighters in Denver have recently got a preview of potential future technology that can improve their safety and communication capabilities in burning buildings. This...

I-HLS TV Interview – Superintendent Dan Fisher

Superintendent Dan Fisher, Head of Strategy and Policy Deep planning, in an interview following his talk in the Future Forces conference on the role...

Data Used by The Right Hands

The rise of the internet has enhanced our lives in many ways. However, It’s also made it easier to commit the most terrible crimes....
Iot technologies

Another Step Towards Making Cities Smarter

The US has been harnessing IoT technologies in attempt to advance a wide array of Smart City applications as well as in response to...

Military-grade weapons used by U.S police

Several U.S federal programs are helping local law enforcement to acquire heavy weapons. This is done either by making funds available or by providing the equipment directly. One...

Compact Version of Familiar Pistol

The new VP9SK pistol by Heckler & Koch is a subcompact version of its highly popular and reliable VP9 full-size pistol in 9mm. A...
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New Transformer Robot is Extraordinarily Versatile

A new robot developed by scientists at Bristol Robotics Laboratory promises to revolutionize mobility and exploration. The robot is called the Tetraflex, it is tetrahedron-shaped...
law enforcement

Innovative Reporting Tech for Law Enforcement Officers

The latest version of a documentation and report system for law enforcement professionals was unveiled recently. Dragon Law Enforcement by Nuance Communications is a...

Initiatives for Safely Operating Multiple Drones

Last week the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy hosted the first-ever Workshop on Drones and the Future of Aviation, which gathered...
cctv industry

First AI-Based Camera in CCTV Industry

Artificial Intelligence can be a powerful and versatile new tool with huge potential to drive the public safety sector. The technology can be applied...
airport security tactics

Airport Security Tactics Revealed for The First Time

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently released a video claiming to provide an inside look at airport security tactics - how the agency...

New sUAS Missions Vary from Surveillance to Disaster Assemssment

A new sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system) was recently introduced to market – the STORM – a small tactical UAS that comes as a...

Fire Fighting: Container Training

Thanks to advancements in building codes, public education and fire prevention technology, the modern fire service responds to fewer structure fires. While this is...

Drones to Help Rescue Teams During Hurricane Disaster

With the catastrophic injury and damage being caused by natural disasters such as the current hurricanes hitting the United States and the Caribbean, a...