Security Accelerator’s Innovative Developments Showcased at Missile Defense Conference

ihls security accelerator

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Side by side with the impressive weapon systems presented at the exhibition of the IAMD Missile Defense Conference, the hundreds of visitors had the opportunity to get a closer glimpse at the innovative developments of some of the startups participating at the iHLS Security Accelerator.

iHLS Accelerator is the first startup accelerator in the world in the defense and homeland security field. The accelerator puts a major emphasis on the advancement of technological projects and their empowerment through a development and maturation process that would make them leading companies. The third cycle of the program is currently taking place.

A new software for air defense simulation was showcased by 3DOR. Its unique simulation engine can simulate, within seconds, how a system that wasn’t tried in the field yet would operate, saving costs of expensive tests which calls for tremendous amounts of space, time and resources. One can calculate  the odds of a successful interception on the computer, in which scenario will the system fail to intercept – and also, analyse why it had failed and examine ways to improve the system quickly and efficiently. 3DOR simulation also conforms various other fields.

In the field of Command and Control, a unique software solution for Smart/Safe Cities was presented by P-Pulse. The C&C DSS software solution layers associated events and video streams in real time on a map, with predictive capabilities using machine learning on Big Data.

For first responders, Salamandra Zone develops a revolutionary technology and lifesaving systems for safe mass evacuation and enhanced survivability in case of fire in residential, office and industrial facilities by implementing the technologies in respiratory systems of firefighters, elevators and other existing infrastructures.

A revolutionary cyber solution which protects GPS receivers from disruptions (jamming or spoofing) was developed by GPSdome. As an easy add-on to any existing GPS system, it enables any GPS-dependent Positioning, Navigation and Timing applications for utilities and telecom, autonomous vehicles and more.

Augmented Reality technology has been applied by LiveAid for the development of a smart and connected first aid kit, containing augmented reality glasses and life signs monitoring sensors. The first aid provider using the kit is immediately connected to an emergency medical service representative for real time visual and voice guidance.  

A real-time predictive software model for mechanical systems was showcased by Diagsense. The technology makes sure that everything, everywhere is working properly all the time with mechanical systems, and track failures before they become a real challenge.

The accelerator focuses on startups with technologies from various fields relating to security, as long as they present technological innovation and security orientation, especially dual-purpose technologies. Among the fields: HLS, big data, IoT, unmanned systems, robotics, cyber, border security and defense, strategic installations security, deep learning, nanotechnology, electro-optics, civilian security, aerodynamics, video analytics, image processing, face recognition, aerial defense, safe/smart city, AR/VA, training and simulation, etc.

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