Europe’s Stance on Cyber Defense Is Cruicial

Cyber. image by pixabay

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Cybersecurity has been recognized by NATO as a field of operations in recent years. In Europe, ECYSAP (European Platform for Cyber Situational Awareness) is the largest cyber defense project in Europe. It addresses the development of a national and European-wide platform for the real-time acquisition of cyber situational awareness in military operations, implementing capabilities for the visualization and detection of cyber threats, responding to them, and providing support for decision-making during missions.

The consortium is led by Spanish company Indra, and is made up of partners from four countries (Spain, France, Italy and Estonia).

ECYSAP is funded by the European Defense Industrial Development Program (EDIDP) and supported by the European Commission and the European Defence Agency (EDA) through the Ministries of Defense of the participating states.

The platform incorporates threat response capabilities based on the accurate identification, selection, planning and deployment of technological and mission-based actions, projecting their behavior over different time horizons.

Oriented towards supporting decision-making, the consortium incorporates advanced methods for the sharing of cyber threat information among multiple stakeholders, enhancing their individual and collective response capabilities through effective deployment of courses of action during the mission. 

Security as a design principle makes ECYSAP an inherently robust platform backed by resilient communications that reinforce its self-protection capabilities and the implementation of diverse auditable controls, according to

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