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The technology giant appears to be raising privacy concerns among lawmakers worldwide, following a complaint filed by a privacy activist in France, and a similar lawsuit filed against Google in the US.

Even after Google has been reported to have violated users’ privacy in the past, it appears that the company continues to use hidden features in its Android apps to track users’ actions or to determine their locations, even when such tracking permissions have been removed by the user.

According to a new lawsuit filed by Arizona’s Attorney General, Google is suspected of designing the Android operating system in a way that will enrich the company and its operations through the use of user information for profit. reported that a U.S. lawsuit alleges that the company continues to collect location information indirectly, even after users cancel the transfer of the information. Private company files lawsuit in France alleging Google violates EU privacy laws by illegally creating and storing information on users’ online and offline activities. Google is also alleged to have used this information to sell or share with a third party.