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iHLS InnoTech Tel Aviv Expo will expose ground-breaking technologies for mega events. 

The Super Bowl LIV game held this week in Miami, Florida, has been one of the most observed games and one of the most secured mega event. The security operation, the details of which have remain confidential, included air, land and sea deployments for securing the 60 thousand spectators at the stadium and a few more hundreds of people who arrived in the city to attend the celebration.

Despite of the secrecy regarding the security arrangements and technologies employed, it was published that the infrastructure included 5G technology. The American telecom companies Verizon and AT&T deployed a widespread 5G technology infrastructure worth more than $160 million for the event.

Sources in the HLS industry said that the 5G technology applied at the Super Bowl enabled a dramatic expansion of the speed speed and efficiency of the connection between the security and rescue teams and an improvement of AI and face recognition capabilities, reportedly used.

Avi Yariv, iHLS InnoTech Tel Aviv Expo Chairman, one of iHLS founders and an expert on cyber, intelligence, and HLS told iHLS that during the last 20 years, the personal security envelope and the personal protection have considerably increased, and it is technology that has enabled it. This process brought about prosperity and growth. Once people feel secure – security as every person’s basic need – economic prosperity and technological growth are achieved. Connectivity is the enabler of all this, and the basic infrastructure, Yariv says, is the communication infrastructure. Stable, high-bandwidth, real-time, extensive-coverage and highly available communication to all – are the key. It is on the basis of this infrastructure that technologies can grow.

Video streaming (both downlink and uplink), mass-data collection, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are applied to the collected data, providing real-time results to be immediately accessible for all (both interoperability and field-accessibility). Capabilities as real-time location, IoT for security, Situational awareness, and much more.

The 5G cellular networks bring about a genuine revolution, long awaited. The long-expected cellular 5G networks create this revolution. Enabling and enhancing all this and much more, provides unprecedented connectivity, bandwidth and information security (“Cyber Security”) for everyone.

It is evaluated that the 5G infrastructure field is expected to grow in dozens of percents in the coming years, thanks to the expected growth in mobile data services, machine-to-machine communication, and the growing need for more speed and better coverage.

Experts stress that the transformation to 5G is going to have a dramatic impact on our lives because 5G is capable of fully applying the connected world potential.

The network speed – more than 20 times more than the 4th generation, will contribute to developments in the smart city sphere. 5G technology will enable the management of information from million more IoT devices and low-power sensors that can operate for many years without swapping. This will increase the ability to manage in a smart way traffic, energy, public security, and more. Sources in Miami are very satisfied with the Super Bowl event which brought about the installation of 5G infrastructure in parts of the city, and will enable the authorities and first responders to use them after the event.

Experts add that an improvement is expected in public safety. Security, search and rescue teams will be able to receive immediate, live information, unlike the situation with the current fourth generation or radio system, restricted for emergency or case of massive use. “5G technology will enable first responders to receive immediate situational awareness from the video systems around cities, and this will change the situation and preparedness.”

Interested in learning more about 5G technologies for security? Attend i-HLS’s InnoTech Expo in Tel Aviv – Israel’s largest innovation, HLS, and cyber technologies expo – on November 18-19, 2020 at Expo Tel Aviv, Pavilion 2.

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