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Logistical missions require special capabilities, especially in the field of unmanned systems. A new logistics unmanned aerial vehicle has been unveiled by the US company Kaman. The KARGO UAV is the newest addition to the company’s family of purpose-built, autonomous unmanned systems designed for expeditionary logistics. 

Built with the U.S. Armed Forces’ future operating concepts in mind, the KARGO UAV offers a rugged design for easy transport and deployment. The system’s compact form-factor fits in a standard shipping container and is designed to be unloaded and operated by as few as two people.

The UAV is purpose-built to provide deployed Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers, and Coast Guard autonomous resupply in the lethal, fluid combat environment that future military operations will entail or for regular logistics missions, according to the company.

The UAV also has multiple commercial applications and is part of a growth strategy involving a family of purpose-built KARGO vehicles for multiple and repeatable missions.

The KARGO UAV leverages commercial off-the-shelf components as well as thousands of hours of automated and autonomous flight data from Kaman’s K-MAX TITAN program, to reduce schedule and technical risk, according to