Rafael Sets Up OT Cyber Consortium for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Rafael Sets Up OT Cyber Consortium for Critical Infrastructure Protection

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For the first time in Israel, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has signed an initiative with leading Israeli cyber solutions partners to establish an Israeli Operational Technologies Cyber Consortium. The initiative is in cooperation with the Israel National Cyber Directorate.

The new consortium will provide end-to-end, cyber OT (Operational Technology) solutions, working with market-leading Israeli cyber OT partners with complementary areas of expertise, to address technological-cyber OT needs of large-scale organizations.

The Cyber OT Consortium will include 11 leading cybersecurity companies in Israel: Rafael, IEC, Tashan, Waterfall Security, Trapx, MobileGroup, Radiflow, CyberPro, XMCyber, Cervello, and Cynerio. 

The Consortium’s comprehensive, cyber defense solutions, will address the national-level critical services and infrastructures needs, to provide defense against cyber warfare malicious activities by state actors, as well as by independent rogue hackers, to protect assets such as Transportation, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Water and Sewage, energy infrastructure, etc.

Combining technological and methodological cyber OT solutions from best-of-breed leading Israeli companies, large, medium and small-size, will allow the Consortium to offer a comprehensive and integrated battle-proven solution, both for the technological and methodological aspects of the challenge. The partner-companies were carefully selected, following a lengthy assessment of their experience, track record, added value and technological advantages.   

Mr. Gideon Weiss, Vice President of Business Development, Marketing & Strategy at Rafael’s Air and C4ISR Systems Division: “The new Consortium positions the State of Israel as a leader in the global Cyber OT industry. Known as the ‘Cyber Nation’, and globally recognized for its cybersecurity and OT-related expertise, Israel boasts a rich ecosystem of market-leading, pro-active companies, providing best-of-breed cyber defense solutions. The Consortium born out of this ecosystem will combine and utilize all the cybersecurity knowledge and technology developed in Israel. The consortium enables commercial flexibility and enhances our competitiveness, as well as our ability to team and partner with industries and with cyber-defense organizations within our markets.”

Mr. Roi Yarom, Director of Economy and Growth at the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD): “As part of our role to protect Critical Cyber Infrastructure (CCI), we encourage initiatives that provide know-how in this area, by joining forces and developing customized defense solutions for CCI. The unique knowledge and experience that have been accumulated in Israel, will undoubtedly contribute and become an asset in this endeavour.”