Tech Giants Joining Forces 

Tech Giants Joining Forces 

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Earlier this year, Group of Seven (G7) leaders had urged companies like Facebook and Google to do more to curb extremist content online. A new initiative may be the result.

The “Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism” intends to share engineering, research and knowledge to help “continue to make our hosted consumer services hostile to terrorists and violent extremists,” announced tech giants collaborating in the fight against terrorist content on the net. Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube launched an anti-terror partnership aimed at thwarting the spread of extremist content online.

Each of the companies has been working individually to prevent its platforms or services from being used to promote or spread extremist views.

“We believe that by working together, sharing the best technological and operational elements of our individual efforts, we can have a greater impact on the threat of terrorist content online.”

The forum planned to work with smaller tech firms as well as civil groups, academics and governmental bodies.