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By Arie Egozi

A security system developed by an Israeli company can react to suspicious events by using special video cameras and drones with optical payloads. The unique combination is already used to protect sensitive sites in Israel.

GOTRACK HLS has developed a concept known as Hunter, which makes it possible to turn camera arrays from a passive factor that is used to retrospectively investigate incidents, to proactive arrays that work in real-time to locate and prevent events. 

This concept has already been implemented by the company in organizations that perform a variety of tasks to improve security and control at airports, ports, factories, and defense industries.

GOTRACK HLS has a subsidiary called ‘SEEU’ that operates as a unique and active dispatch center that operates 24/7 to perform viewing and control tasks, as an outsourcer to a variety of organizations that operate camera systems but are not interested in owning and operating their own center. 

The center is managed by senior IDF retirees and staffed by experienced former IDF observers. The dispatch center is the eyes that ensure continuous and professional observation from a distance, using advanced tools and technologies that enable the detection and prevention of events in real-time.

By integrating drones operated from fixed “stations” the control room is capable of dispatching a drone if the camera array detects a problem. The drone gives the experts in the center a bird’s eye view of the area and in most cases helps to better identify an evolving threat.

The company uses the accumulated experience of its executives who are former senior IDF commanders. It specializes in consulting, planning a variety of advanced security solutions, training, qualification and formulating advanced operating concepts, construction and operation of control rooms and camera centers in Israel and around the world. 

Arie Egozi, Editor-in-Chief, iHLS