military training exercises

New Simulator – All in One Product

Military training exercises often involve complex procedures and require coordination between dismounted soldiers, vehicles units and more. A new technology offers a unified training...
mixed reality

Major Mixed Reality Partnership Established

The American Department of Defence (DoD) is always looking to get one step ahead of its enemies in terms of innovation and new technology,...
augmented reality

The Future of Gaming, Used in Real Life

A visual computing solution firm headquartered in New Delhi provides augmented reality solutions to defense personnel for training before they can be deployed on...
first responder training

The New Development in First Responder Training

First responders of all disciplines will now be able to train together thanks to a new virtual training platform made available by the Department...

Israel as Global Cyber Power – Cyber Week

The cyber sphere has been gaining increased importance regarding the conduct of states, security organizations and the business realm. The vital need to secure...
gaming technologies

Gaming Technologies Are Speeding Up Pilots Training

BAE Systems is speeding up the training process of pilots and engineers using gaming technology in an innovative application of virtual reality and simulation....
virtual reality

Virtual Reality Police Training on The Move

Singapore police have been testing a new mobile virtual reality (VR) training classroom for its officers. Inside and across the length of the soundproofed...
electronic warfare

Electronic Warfare Planning Tool Sought

  In the electronic warfare sphere, it isn’t enough to get the best systems, you also have to know how to use them effectively and...

Will Terrorist Groups Use VR Technology?

As virtual reality (VR) technology becomes less expensive and delivers a more realistic, immersive experience, some national security experts warn that it is only...
virtual reality simulation

Virtual Reality Simulation at The Service of Parchute Jumpers

A technology based on Virtual Reality simulation offers a safe, cost-effective way for parachute jumpers to hone skills and plan missions before taking to...
augmented reality

Major Software Company Strengthens Augmented Reality Market Grip

When Microsoft bought the Osterhaut Design Group (ODG) patents to begin its HoloLens project in 2015, ODG was a small company doing business with...

Call for Proposals for Third Cycle of the iHLS Accelerator

iHLS, the global media leader in security technology, is inviting entrepreneurship in this field, with emphasis on dual-use technology, to join the third cycle of...
startup festival

Opened This Morning – Startup Festival and Startup Live Competition

  Many people are present this morning at the Startup Festival and Startup Live Competition organized by iHLS for the second year. The first 10 startups...
ihls security accelerator

Call for Proposals for Third Cycle of iHLS Accelerator

iHLS, the global media leader in security technology, is inviting entrepreneurship in this field to join the third cycle of the world first accelerator at...

ISIS Teaching U.S Military Some New Drone Developments

The U.S. military has been studying the drone threat from the Islamic State group in Iraq for some time now. The U.S. Army’s Combined...

Raytheon’s Virtual Environment Increases Factory Workers Productivity

Raytheon Missile Systems engineers have developed the CAVE, a room-sized, interactive 3-D theater, or generically a ‘computer assisted virtual environment’. Using the platform, teams...
security accelerator

Brazil Shows Interest in Israeli Homeland Security Accelerator

  iHLS presented its unique security accelerator to a senior delegation from Brazil on a visit to the Israeli Export Institute. The senators delegation from Brazil...
machine learning

Machine Learning and Optimization – Now Also with UAVs

A new implementation of machine learning to the unmanned aerial vehicle sphere. Machine learning is becoming an increasingly important artificial intelligence approach to building...
nuclear security

Gaming Technologies Contributing to Nuclear Security

Sandia National Laboratories are developing what they’re calling serious gaming .Experts apply the technology and methods of the game industry to real-world national security...

Gaming Technologies for the Benefit of VR Military Simulation

The fact that head-mounted virtual reality (VR) displays have become more affordable makes them more accessible to military trainers looking to cut costs by...
simulation first responders

New Simulation Technology For Disaster Management

  Environmental Tectonics Corporation’s (ETC) Simulation business unit has been awarded a contract from the Netherlands Defense Materiel Organization for the delivery and support of...
virtual training

Virtual Training to Enhance Units Effectivity During Operations

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has contracted NSC, a software engineering company providing training and simulation products, to deliver unit-based virtual training (UBVT)...


Guido de Croon / TU Delft|MAV Lab

Tiny Drone Gets AI Eyes to Navigate Autonomously

An autonomous navigation system for small, light drones inspired by insects combines visual homing (using visual cues for orientation) with odometry (measuring distance in...