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In the electronic warfare sphere, it isn’t enough to get the best systems, you also have to know how to use them effectively and what would be the results. The US Army is looking for the most modern commercial capabilities to complement its Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT).

In a recent RFI, the Army said it is looking to “identify industry sources capable of providing a range of services and efforts necessary to continue the design, build, integration, testing, delivery, and maintenance of the Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT) system.”

The EWPMT command-and-control planning capability allows commanders and soldiers to visualize and thus plan out what electronic warfare effects will look like in the field if employed via a graphical user interface. reports that the Army’s $5.8 million fiscal 2018 base procurement will support continuous EWMPT fielding, new equipment training, delta training, interim contractor support and program management.

In fact, “EWPMT is an Automated Information System (AIS) that will follow an evolutionary acquisition strategy using an Incrementally Deployed Software Intensive Program for rapid development and continuous product improvements,” the budget documents state. “The overall strategy is to deploy software Capability Drops (CDs) to allow an incremental merger of the Electronic Warfare and Spectrum Management software tools.”

Among the requirements in the Army’s notice are the creation of a toolset for modeling and simulations against planned electronic attack operations, modeling and simulation of EW effects, the integration of electronic intelligence and communications intelligence data from joint and national repositories, the ability to illustrate the impact of cyber and electromagnetic activity on proposed courses of action, display current and post-mission analysis to determine mission effectiveness and enemy battle damage assessment, and more.