Call for Proposals for Third Cycle of the iHLS Accelerator

Call for Proposals for Third Cycle of the iHLS Accelerator

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iHLS, the global media leader in security technology, is inviting entrepreneurship in this field, with emphasis on dual-use technology, to join the third cycle of the world’s first accelerator at the homeland security sphere.

The application to the third cycle is underway, the selection process starts in April 2017, and the cycle opens in May 2017. Open day: April 23 at 17:00 – register

The accelerator is sponsored by IAI, Elbit Systems, Incubit – Elbit Systems’ Incubator, Raytheon, Verint, PwC, HFN Law Firm, Cyient, and Lighthouse.

What is Our Added Value

iHLS Accelerator is the first startup accelerator in the world in the security and homeland security field. Our unique accelerator puts a major emphasis on the advancement of technological projects, their development and empowerment at any stage they’re in, opening the door on their behalf to reach both the high-tech giants as well as the leading defense industries globally and in Israel. All based on our ability to identify the technologies and the right market.

iHLS is an accelerator focusing on the security sector, a niche sector with unique features. The accelerator will offer the startups aiming at this market recognition, international exposure, access to investors and empowerment of the ability to raise funds. iHLS accelerator supplies a one-time opportunity to get exposed to the most influential actors in the field: investors, leading global and Israeli defense industries, military, security and police organizations, integrators, etc.

Our program will lead you to an additional market that you’re not acquainted with in the global and Israeli arena.


The accelerator focuses on startups with technologies from various fields relating to security, as long as they present technological innovation and security orientation, especially dual-use technologies from the civilian and security realms. Among the fields: HLS, big data, IoT, unmanned systems, robotics, cyber, border security and defense, strategic installations security, deep learning, nanotechnology, electro-optics, civilian security, aerodynamics, video analytics, image processing, face recognition, aerial defense, safe/smart city, AR/VA, training and simulation, etc.

What’s on The Program

We’re offering a 4-month program custom-built for startup companies that have reached advanced stages, accomplished PoC, and thrive to break the entry barriers on the way to the technology industry giants, the world and Israeli defense industry, as well as military and police agencies, government organizations, local authorities, etc.

How to Get Accepted

Between 5 to 15 startups are accepted to each cycle after three stages of selection. Following application on the website, the relevant applicant companies will be invited to the primary internal selection committee. The companies that pass that stage will be invited to the election process by the board members (sponsors): IAI, Elbit Systems, Incubit – Elbit Systems’ Incubator, Raytheon, Verint, PwC, HFN Law Firm, Cyient, and Lighthouse.

What Happens at iHLS Accelerator

We supply the support, resources and experts of the highest quality to help the companies and advance them in various business aspects:

  • International Exposure: The companies benefit from networking, PR and vast exposure to media, during events, exhibitions, and conferences organized by iHLS, B2B opportunities, connection with potential customers and meetings with the leading actors in the security industry, as well as the technology giants.
  • Constant support and instruction by Israeli and international partners and companies, e.g. the sponsoring companies, and more.
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Mentors: Support and professional guidance by mentors from various fields, focusing on the defense industry.
  • Community: Weekly meetups with our experts and representatives from the ecosystem – investors, entrepreneurs, military and security figures, and other professionals.
  • An innovative workspace, supporting and stimulating

Success Stories

Our portfolio companies have accelerated both from the business and technological aspects, and have been exposed to collaborations and important leads which culminated in business links and investments: within the framework of the accelerator, we’ve succeeded in connecting companies from the civilian realm to the security ecosystem and vice versa, and have reached impressive success in fundraisings and in selling companies.

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