The Future of Gaming, Used in Real Life

The Future of Gaming, Used in Real Life

augmented reality

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A visual computing solution firm headquartered in New Delhi provides augmented reality solutions to defense personnel for training before they can be deployed on the ground.

Founded in 2004, VizExperts’ clientele includes Border Security Force (BSF), Defense Research and Development Organizations (DRDO), Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) and international conglomerates such as Halliburton, AMD and SGI.

According to the company’s site, The growth of visual computing has stimulated the convergence of 3D GIS (Geographic Information System) in simulation and gaming technologies. The company explains that it’s competency lies in the underlying component of this technology, 3D.  The ability to break down information silos, perform complex analysis on data and enable interactive visualization of it all in 3D, is what sets the company apart.

The company’s solutions offer improved situational awareness to security forces in a 3D format. “We create a 3D model of terrain and fields using the maps and data obtained from satellites. It helps our forces to know about the area before venturing into it,” informs Praveen Bhaniramka, the company CEO, who has a team of 70 people in Delhi developing these solutions.

His company also built a 24/7 operation capable control room. Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, the company developed a decision support system with the complete 3D geospatial database of all the border assets of BSF along the western and eastern regions.

“We also created a virtual training exercise for soldiers of paramilitary forces which can be used with our GeorbIS 3D GIS platform,” he adds.

Collaborating with INCOIS (Indian National Centre For Ocean Information Services), his company has developed a system which will alert the authorities if there is a possibility of a tsunami. “Using data provided by sensors fitted in the sea, we can predict the height and speed of the waves. This way, a repeat of 2004 never happens,” says the New Delhi-based entrepreneur.

He also intends to expand the reach of the company by expanding its client base. The company is not seeking any investments. Apart from New Delhi, VizExperts has three offices—R&D offices in Gurgaon and Bengaluru, and one in Houston. Talking about the future of visual computing, he expects that Augmented Reality (AR) would be a field full of unlimited potential in coming years.