Major Mixed Reality Partnership Established

Major Mixed Reality Partnership Established

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The American Department of Defence (DoD) is always looking to get one step ahead of its enemies in terms of innovation and new technology, now the department might have just found what it’s looking for.

Taqtile, a provider of software solutions, recently announced a partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) to provide its Manifest solution to the United States Department of Defense.

Taqtile’s Manifest is a mixed-reality solution for hands-free authoring of step-by-step instructions, allowing users to perform inspections, maintenance, and other complex tasks. it is designed to provide visibility and actionable insight into an organization’s field operations and assets, compliance, and collaboration efforts. It supports augmented and virtual reality on a continuum of platforms, from mobile to the desktop.

“Manifest holds great promise for any organization with a large number of distributed personnel that perform complex tasks and require ongoing certification,” said Taqtile co-founder Dirck Schou. “What if an airplane mechanic could work on any jet engine, regardless of whether they have worked on that specific engine before? With Manifest, that’s possible to achieve. Booz Allen Hamilton is one of the most respected providers of solutions and services to military and government organizations, and we feel fortunate that BAH shares our vision for how these new tools can be leveraged by the military”.

Manifest was built to help workers, managers, and inspectors learn and execute complex tasks. Experts and trainers can record and demonstrate processes for field workers, mechanics and inspectors, and communicate remotely, in first-person perspective to help workers complete unexpected tasks or fix errors. Experts can also author step-by-step job checklists hands-free while capturing live video, images, and notes as they work on highly specialized tasks. Operators can then readily access these expert-generated job templates as well as critical asset data whether in the field or in training, to perform new or complex tasks with mobile self-guided instructions.

“Booz Allen is excited by the promise of immersive technologies to modernize field operations in industry and fleet maintenance,” Munjeet Singh, Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategic Innovation Group, told “Maintaining high system readiness is of paramount importance to the nation’s defense, and we are proud to work with Taqtile to bring Mixed Reality to the Defense maintenance enterprise.

Also recently, the US Defense Information Systems Agency DISA has awarded BAH a $40 million single-award Blanket Purchase Agreement to help improve DoD cyber security and risk management using automated security solutions.