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Europe Prepares to Thwart New Threat

Russia’s drone technology is advancing, and its latest model, the Kalashnikov KUB “suicide drone”, is designed to be launched covertly and explode when within...
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Trade War and the Drone Market

A new surveillance technology will be developed for the US army by a French company. The deal represents a strategic front between the US...
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Marines Are Considering Aircraft-Launched Drone

The US Marines Corps is looking at a drone that can be launched out of the back of an MV-22 Osprey to provide advanced...
thermal detection

How to Avoid Thermal Detection?

Today more than ever military forces and opposition groups are using night vision sensors and thermal devices. Detection by thermal imaging is an emerging...

Considerable Boost to Battlefield Intelligence Capabilities

A new reconnaissance vehicle will have new ways to sense and communicate. U.S. military researchers are developing a prototype Armed Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) to...
Latvian armed forces

Latvian Armed Forces is Enhancing its UAV Fleet

The Latvian National Armed Forces will acquire unmanned aerial vehicles, in a move that will support local manufacture. The Latvian Ministry of Defense signed...

Turkish UAV to Start Trials in Ukraine

The Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 tactical unmanned aerial vehicle systems will soon begin trials in Ukraine. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko disclosed that the aircraft...
maritime surveillance

Australia Enhances its Maritime Surveillance Capabilities

Australia is enhancing its UAV fleet. The first of six MQ-4C Triton maritime surveillance drones will be supplied to the Royal Australian Air Force...

APT39 – Iranian Espionage Array Focusing on Personal Information

Another Iranian cyber attack group is exposed as posing an immediate threat to Israel. The group, called APT39, is responsible for stealing a vast...

Aerial Reconnaissance Device Launched by Combatants

A new system makes it possible to promptly receive photo and video data on emergency occurrence sites and battlefields or in areas where information...
autonomous vessel

Autonomous Vessel Demonstrated Exceptional Capabilities

An experimental unmanned craft fitted out with advanced autonomous navigation tested recently performed a series of reconnaissance, interdiction, and patrol missions. The 9 m...
military uav market

Impressive Growth in Military UAV Market

Military Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market was estimated to be over USD 5 billion in 2016, and will have a market value of more...

Ukraine Deploys Wide Array of Unmanned Vehicles

For several years, Ukrainian troops have been locked in a “frozen conflict” with Russian-backed separatists for control of the Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine....

Solution to Helicopter-Surface Ship Communication Problem

U.S. Navy shipboard communications experts needed a digital datalink, an electronic connection for the exchange of information, to enable the naval helicopter to share...

Mini UAS Supplies Advanced Surveillance Capabilities to Special Forces

FLYEYE is a mini Unmanned Air System (UAS), that is used for intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (ISTAR) of the battlefield, sensitive areas,...
natural disasters

New Drone Assists in Natural Disasters  

The Quantix hybrid unmanned drone is designed to assess environmental damage. AeroVironment, a leading company in unmanned aircraft systems, announced it will utilize Quantyx...
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U.S Air Force Sells Surveillance UAV to Japan  

Japan is enhancing its unmanned surveillance capabilities. The US Air Force and the Japanese government agreed on a $489.9 million deal to build three...

Egypt will Get Chinese UAVs

Egypt has been expanding its UAV fleet. Cairo signed a contract with the Chinese aircraft manufacturer Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group for the supply of...

Israeli Aerostat Tech to Support Military Ground Operations

During operational activities, ground forces often lack real-time data regarding the environment they are operating in. A new member of the SkyStar aerostat family...

Chinese Underwater Bot Breaks Record

A Chinese underwater bot has recently set the record a national depth record for a remotely operated vehicle. The robot drove 6,001 meters below sea...

First-of-its-Kind AI Processor Developed

The first artificial intelligence processor that is a deep neural-network accelerator, delivering both high operational capability and high energy conversion efficiency for a full...

Chinese Military Develops Mystery Missile  

The Chinese military is building a new and mysterious missile that could cripple American air power. The weapon, known as the PL-XX missile is...


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Robot Identifies Objects with Thermal Sensing, 98% Accurate

Robot Identifies Objects with Thermal Sensing, 98% Accurate A new system enables robots to recognize various common and complex items using special touch sensors that...