New Radar to Boost Saudi Air Defense

Saudi Arabia is enhancing its missile defense capabilities. Riyadh will purchase ballistic missile defense radar system and computer algorithms from Raytheon Technologies. The company...

US Allies to Receive New Avionics Systems

Precision targeting and situational awareness capabilities will be supplied to US allies. Lockheed Martin is building new versions of legacy electro-optical combat jet target...

New Local Unmanned Systems Industry in Persian Gulf

Persian Gulf states are enhancing the local development and manufacturing of unmanned systems. The UAE-based Marakeb Technologies and Saudi-based Prince Sultan Defense Studies &...
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New Saudi Unmanned System Development? Experts Doubt

A new vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle has been unveiled by a Saudi Arabian company unveiled. “It’s 100 percent locally indigenously developed,”...
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Forecasted HLS Middle East Market 

Emergence and development in robotics, biotechnology and nanotechnology will significantly impact the homeland security market in the forthcoming years, empassing border security for land,...
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What’s the Significance of Gulf Drone Attack?

Saudi energy installations were target to attacks by weaponized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on May 14. The Yemen-based Houthi movement claimed responsibility for the...

One of World’s Top Battlefields for Drones

Extremists continue to explore ways to surprise their enemies. The Iranian-aligned Shiite Houthi group in Yemen operated a drone strike on a attacked a...

Defense Giant to Enhance Saudi Cybersecurity

Saudi oil company Aramco has been the victim of major cases of cyberintrusion and hacking attacks in the past and has sought to shore...

Drone Wars Are Heating Up

Once again, drones are being operated by insurgency groups against military targets in the Middle East. Houthi Ansarullah fighters launched drone attacks against the...

China Speeds Up Drone Exports to Middle East

China, the world’s main distributor of armed drones, is increasingly popular among Middle Eastern countries locked-out of purchasing American-made drones. With increasing degree of...
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Saudi UAV Shot Down by Yemen’s Rebels

A Saudi unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. The Houthi media announced that the group’s fighters have shot down a...

Mecca Pilgrimage – Serious Security Challenge

Saudi Arabia has been coping with complex public safety challenges. The Saudi Government is hosting the Hajj, the largest worship procession, gathering three million...

Saudi Arabia to Purchase Small Warships for Lockheed Martin

Saudi Arabia’s government will receive four corvette-sized small surface warships from Lockheed Martin Corp., within the framework of a $451 million order. Saudi Arabia...
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Growing Interest in Russian Missile Systems

India, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are likely to go ahead with S-400 missile defense systems purchase from Moscow, despite the Countering America's Adversaries through...

The US to Supply Bahrain with Bombs for its F-16 Fighters

The U.S. State Department has cleared Bahrain to buy 3,200 General Purpose (GP) and Penetrator Warhead bomb bodies to arm its fleet of F-16...

Giant Defense Industry to Sell Missiles to Saudi Arabia

A new missile sale manufactured by the defense industry company Raytheon is expected to advance the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to develop an...
local defense industry

Saudi Arabia to Boost its Local Defense Industry

Saudi Arabia is looking to bolster its local defense industry. Referring to the participation and achievements of the Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI), the...
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Approaching Agreement on S-400 Missile Supply to Saudi Arabia

Russia continues to supply its anti-aircraft missile systems to armed forces in the Middle East. Negotiations on supplies of Russian S-400 missile systems to Saudi...

Swiss Journal: Saudi Arabia Interested in Iron Dome

Saudi Arabia has reportedly shown interest in purchasing Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system, as reported by Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung. The two regimes are...
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Another Proof That Turkish Defense Industry is Moving Forward

The Turkish defense industry has been progressing. Turkish firm Aselsan has recently entered into an agreement with Ukrainian Antonov company to supply avionics to...
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Significant Growth in Middle East HLS Market

The Middle East homeland security market is on course for significant growth. A recent study by Analysts Frost & Sullivan (F&S) says revenues are...

Saudi Arabia Wants to Purchase Turkish UAV

Saudi Arabia continues with its efforts to reinforce its UAV fleet. After the contract with the Chinese firm Chengdu for Pterodactyl drones in September...