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A Saudi company has already signed an agreement with China to produce a series of CH drones in the kingdom as early as 2017.

As part of a new agreement, the Saudi company ACES (Advanced Communications and Electronics Systems) will design and produce military unmanned aerial vehicles for China.

In accordance with the agreement, the Chinese Government Technology Corporation will establish a research and development center in Saudi Arabia focused on unmanned aerial systems. In addition, the company will assemble a team of manufacturers for different UAVs, communication systems, flight control systems, cameras, radars, and wireless detection systems.

According to, the project will look into all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, anti-drone systems, and helicopter replacement parts.

As part of the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative, Saudi Arabia is making a huge effort to establish the area of military industries in the country with the goal of making it a major source of revenue in the near future.