AI Revolutionizes Future Forces Systems

AI Revolutionizes Future Forces Systems

future forces systems

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Future forces will operate in completely different arenas and conditions from the ones we know today. Future aircraft flying in 2025-2030 will be fitted with advanced and high-resolution sensors, generating a great deal of data, which will need to be processed and merged in real time. In the face of this increasing complexity, the human will have to manage the system and stay in the decision-making loop. A new study will consider how to merge that real-time data and also allow the system to draw on historical data and other sources of information in the combat cloud. Artificial intelligence will play a major role in this process of future forces systems development.

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The French government-backed Man-Machine Teaming, or MMT, study for applying AI to combat aircraft that was launched recently is part of an innovation drive to develop future weapon systems within the Armed Forces Ministry’s roadmap to explore AI for armaments.

The Man-Machine-Teaming advanced study program will take place over three years and will involve Dassault Aviation (lead contractor, air combat system) and Thales (co-contractor, Human/System interface and sensors).

According to, MMT aims, inter alia, to define future cockpits and independent systems; improve innovative technologies in Man/Machine teaming within the cognitive air system, particularly decision-making autonomy and machine learning; and enhance concepts and technologies in the field of smart / learning sensors.

Various aspects of future forces technologies will be at the center of the coming Future Forces Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS on May 9, 2018. The event that will be held at the Lago Conference Center, Rishon LeZion, will gather the ecosystem’s leading defense industry representatives, experts from the armed forces, police and security services, entrepreneurs and investors.

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