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Sensor technology mounted on security dogs has been enhancing India’s fight against terrorism. India’s Elite counter-terror force National Security Guard (NSG) has procured head-mounted K9 camera system for its dogs, in order to facilitate a 360°C vision to the handlers and operation commanders during anti-terror operations like room intervention and assaults.

Sitting remotely, the handler and the operation commander can be aware of what the dog is seeing through the set of cameras mounted on the goggles. They can monitor the target area through a small hand-held screen and finalise operational decisions. The system also allows to pass commands to the dog through inbuilt speakers.

According to, the camera system can also be used to scour an area hit by explosions, crumbled buildings and even tracking. It is enabled with night vision capabilities.

A set of front and rear cameras mounted on the dog’s goggles cost about 50,000 Euros. The NSG has procured a few pieces on a trial basis, a decision on regular procurement will be taken based on the feedback, an NSG official said.   

The paramilitary force is also evaluating the efficacy of another gadget—K-9 Guidance System—through which the dogs can be controlled off leash from a distance by tonal and vibration commands. This device allows the commander an effective control over the dog from a distance and gather intelligence, to suitably plan a counter operation in real-time action.

With proper training, the dogs are able to take different types of commands and complete the tasks assigned by the handler team. The dogs adapted to the system can accomplish tasks like identifying suspicious objects and relaying the same without barking. They indicate to the handler by wagging the tail in a certain manner.

Both the gadgets have been developed by French firm SSI Groupe after intensive research for two-and-a-half years.

“The products will also be deployed by the French Army by early 2018. Besides NSG, we are also seeking to market the products with private security firms,” Eric Joubert, chief executive officer of SSI Groupe said. “The K-9 Vision System weighs less than 500 grams. The digital cameras are fully high definition, transmitting pictures with 720p resolution,” Joubert added.