money laundering

Gaming as Money Laundering Platform

Gaming and other online platforms with many players could be the next money laundering platform. This has been revealed in a public inquiry into...
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No Search Warrant, No IP Address

Canada’s Supreme Court rules that the Canadian police won’t be able to access an IP address without a search warrant. This case was brought to...
video surveillance

Artificial Intelligence Tech Revolutionized Video Surveillance Field

The addition of artificial intelligence and analytics to video surveillance cameras and systems has been the main reason for the growth of the global...
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Airport Runway Maintenance – By Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles have effectively helped airports control bird migration, conduct construction and maintenance surveys, and calibrate equipment.  A drone has been used for data...

New Drone will Disrupt Logistics Market

  A new technology will enable a drone to safely integrate into Canadian skies for parcel delivery. Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) recently finished its beyond...

Joint Counter-Terror Intelligence and Cyber Move

The US has been enhancing its anti-terrorist coordination measures with its allies. An agreement was recently signed by the US Homeland Security Secretary (DHS)...

Fully-Autonomous Combat Vehicle? Not Without Restrictions

A collaborative effort launched by defense giant Rheinmetall is underway in Australia to develop advanced sovereign robotics and automated vehicle technologies that will create...
underwater systems

Elbit’s Subsidiary to Supply Underwater System to South Korea

Elbit Systems subsidiary in Canada has been awarded a contract to supply an underwater sound system to South Korea. GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc. (GTI), was...

New Rifles for Arctic Region Can Perform at Temperatures Below Freezing

Within the framework of a new defense policy, the Canadian government plans to enhance and expand Canadian Ranger training while strengthening capabilities within the...

Quantum Computing – Will it Help Cope with COVID-19?

Quantum computing is expected to spur the development of breakthroughs in many fields, such as medication to save lives, and enable tasks to be...

New Player at Cargo Drone Arena

A new cargo drone capable of lifting 180kgs (400lbs) of payload has reached the stage of commercial testing in Canada. The aircraft will reportedly...

Drones and Exoskeletons Roam the Streets of Montreal

Drones, internet-connected vests and exoskeletons were put to test on the streets of Montreal. 150 unarmed soldiers and more than 100 researchers participated in...
border crossings

Virtual Tool will Detect Imposters in Border Crossings

A virtual border agent kiosk was developed to interview travelers at airports and border crossings. The technology can detect deception to flag human security...
video encoder

Video Encoders Reach Battlefield

The growing demand for real-time imagery in the most demanding environments increases the deployment of more situational awareness systems in various types of military...

Canada Suspending Drone Technology Export to Turkey

Canada is suspending the export of sophisticated Canadian drone technology to Turkey while Ottawa investigates claims that it is being used by the Azerbaijani...
first trsponders

Getting The Map, Within Minutes

First Responders risk their lives each and every day. A new software will allow first responders to see building layouts and floor plans on...
combat vehicles

Harsh Competition in Combat Vehicles Field

The Slovak army is planning to modernize its equipment over the next decade, including new four-wheeled combat vehicles. Within this framework, 10 armored vehicles...

AI-Based Autonomous Vehicle to Secure Airports

A driverless all-terrain vehicle equipped with GPS and cameras trained to recognize animals is soon to join the security fleet at the Edmonton International...
blockchain technology

Blockchain Tech for Tracking Cross-Border Oil Imports

Blockchain technology will serve for tracking cross-border oil and natural gas imports. The blockchain solution will build a generic end-to-end platform that can be...

Turkey Expands Local Manufacturing of UAV-Related Technologies

Turkey has been making efforts to manufacture domestically more and more military technologies, in an attempt to be less dependent on foreign weapons providers....

This Solution Secures Smart Power Grid 

The smart power grid digitizes energy network delivering electricity in an optimal way, from source to consumer. This aspect embedded in the smart city...
Photo illust. 3d manufacturing by Pixabay

New Printing Method to Lower Drone Manufacturing Costs

An innovative manufacturing technique could make drones easier to build. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are occupying an ever-growing space in aviation circles. Researchers are...