Mixed-Reality Solution to Support Vessel Maintenance

The Royal Canadian Navy is seeking new ways to leverage emerging technologies in order to enhance performance alongside and at sea. A new software...
special forces

Special Forces Are Outsourcing Even Intelligence Services

Special forces around the world are interested in ISR capabilities, which is often associated with on-the-ground targeting and drone surveillance during operations. Recently, there...

New AI-Tech will Help Troops Detect Enemies Around the Corner

Artificial intelligence which scans battlefields for hidden attackers has been successfully trialed by the British Army. The UK-created technology, dubbed SAPIENT, flagged dangers to...

AI-Based Autonomous Vehicle to Secure Airports

A driverless all-terrain vehicle equipped with GPS and cameras trained to recognize animals is soon to join the security fleet at the Edmonton International...

Voiceprint Reporting – New Authentication Method for Border Control

Biometric voiceprint technology will be applied in border security in Canada. In an effort to keep fewer people in immigration detention while upholding public...

Paramedics Are Now Piloting BLVO Drones

Paramedics in Canada can now see the bigger picture, as Federal authorities in the country has granted a county in the Ontario Province a...

New Rifles for Arctic Region Can Perform at Temperatures Below Freezing

Within the framework of a new defense policy, the Canadian government plans to enhance and expand Canadian Ranger training while strengthening capabilities within the...

Joint Counter-Terror Intelligence and Cyber Move

The US has been enhancing its anti-terrorist coordination measures with its allies. An agreement was recently signed by the US Homeland Security Secretary (DHS)...

New Drone will Disrupt Logistics Market

  A new technology will enable a drone to safely integrate into Canadian skies for parcel delivery. Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) recently finished its beyond...
stealth aircraft

New Radar to Be Able to Expose Stealth Aircraft

Stealth aircraft rely on special paint and body design to absorb and deflect radio waves—making them invisible to traditional radar. They also use electronic...

Drones and Exoskeletons Roam the Streets of Montreal

Drones, internet-connected vests and exoskeletons were put to test on the streets of Montreal. 150 unarmed soldiers and more than 100 researchers participated in...
border crossings

Virtual Tool will Detect Imposters in Border Crossings

A virtual border agent kiosk was developed to interview travelers at airports and border crossings. The technology can detect deception to flag human security...
underwater systems

Elbit’s Subsidiary to Supply Underwater System to South Korea

Elbit Systems subsidiary in Canada has been awarded a contract to supply an underwater sound system to South Korea. GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc. (GTI), was...

Satellite Tech for Distress Signals Detection is Applied Successfully

Canada stands to benefit from a space-related search and rescue system. The country has awarded Phase II of the Medium Earth Orbit Search and...
uav mapping

First UAV Mapping over Major Urban Area

The first UAV mapping mission over a major Canadian metropolitan city was concluded. This first of its kind operation, flown over the downtown core...
miniature uavs

Miniature UAVs Play Role in Maritime Operations

In recent years, there has been a growing need in Maritime Miniature Unmanned Aircraft System (MMUAS) for the international surface combatant and coastal craft...
unmanned veicle

New Unmanned Vehicle to be Able to Stay Underwater for Months

Canada has been advancing greater awareness of safety and security issues, as well as transportation and commercial activity in the country’s Arctic. Within this...
video surveillance

Artificial Intelligence Tech Revolutionized Video Surveillance Field

The addition of artificial intelligence and analytics to video surveillance cameras and systems has been the main reason for the growth of the global...
first trsponders

Getting The Map, Within Minutes

First Responders risk their lives each and every day. A new software will allow first responders to see building layouts and floor plans on...