Infamous Ransomware Group Apologizes for Attack Against Children’s Hospital

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One of the most infamous ransomware groups has recently issued a formal apology after it carried out an attack against Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

LockBit, one of the most notorious ransomware groups around the world, had apologized for an attack carried out on December 18th against Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, stating that “We formally apologize for the attack on and give back the decryptor for free, the partner who attacked this hospital violated our rules, is blocked and is no longer in our affiliate program,”. According to reports by the global ransomware operator said on its data leak site it had blocked the unnamed partner and offered the decryptor to restore the system.

The SickKids hospital soon said it was aware of the statement, stressed that it has not made a ransom payment, and added that it was consulting with experts to validate and assess the decryptor.

Though group prohibits its criminal affiliates from encrypting medical institutions where attacks could lead to death, LockBit allows the encryption of pharmaceutical companies, dentists, and plastic surgeons. As moral as this attempt may seem to many, LockBit still remains a criminal group that exploits vulnerable people and institutes for its own personal gain. LockBit’s ransomware-as-a-service model is dangerous and a threat to worldwide cyber security, as it commercializes cybercrime.

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