Can We 3D Print Organs for Wounded Soldiers?

Cadets at the United States Army’s West Point Military Academy have been researching anatomy and working with bio printers in order to determine the...
robot. image by pixabay

Meet China’s Cyber Dog – The Future Of Robotics

China has developed the world's largest electric-powered quadruped bionic robot, which is expected to join logistics delivery and reconnaissance missions in complex environments that...
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Intelligent Exoskeletons Connect To Human Behavior

Exoskeletons (external skeletons) are designed to help soldiers with heavy loads and give their limbs extra movement, strength and endurance. But soldiers often face...
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Future Forces – What Can We Expect?

Future forces will use technologies that have never been seen before on the battlefield, drawing on biotechnology and brain-computer interfaces, augmented reality headsets, adaptive...
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Combat Environment Simulation Is Crucial for Future Conflicts

Imagine knowing the future. Being able to predict what's going to happen next. It feels that this concept is merely a dream, but in...

Race To Develop 6th Generation Fighter Jets

An additional company has entered the race to develop the new 6th generation fighter jets. To quote the official statement of Collins Aerospace –...
IDF's School for UAV operators, photo by IDF Spokesman

Israel’s UAV Market: Growth Opportunities

A new report assesses the evolving trends in the UAV industry in Israel, in the context of various geopolitical, economical and technological influences in...
Sustainable Aviation Pathfinder Aircraft visits Royal Air Force Cranwell, Photographic Section Media Services RAF College Cranwell Sleaford Lincolnshire United Kingdom

The UK MoD Tests Battery-Powered Aircraft

In a recent experiment carried out by the British Ministry of Defense (DoD), a series of battery-powered aircraft tests are being conducted as part...

Silent Guardian – Flexible Electronics at Battlefield

Wearable technology promises to make significant changes to how soldiers report information. Today, units in the field must call in everything, filing verbal reports...
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Artificial Intelligence – Requirements for Battlefield

Artificial intelligence will play a key role in connecting sensors and shooters across the battlefield, thanks to its capabilities in analyzing data and assisting...

Soon: Exoskeletons to Be Adapted to Soldiers’ Needs

Exoskeletons (external skeletons) are designed to help soldiers with heavy loads and give their limbs extra movement, strength and endurance. But soldiers often face...
future forces

Meet Future Super-Soldier

A U.S. Army video shows its concept of the soldier of the future. At first glance, it looks like it will only be a...

Jetpack – Personal Mobility Solution for Special Operations?

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking to develop futuristic systems that “may be air deployed to allow for infiltration to...

Instead of Saying IDF Say Israel Robot Army: Far-Reaching Vision or...

Leading Israeli defense industry officials portray the challenges of the future battlefield and conclude: The road leads to autonomy  At the AUS&R 2020 Unmanned Systems...

New Soldier-Worn Power Source

One of the major challenges of military forces is how to expand the capabilities of soldiers on the modern battlefield. More and more powerful...
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Top 10 Military Technological Developments of 2019

Groundbreaking military technologies were developed during 2019, from new power resources to human-machine teaming. Here are the top 10 of the leading ones developed...

Rafael Teams Up with Partners in Technology for Mobile Operations

Atos has teamed up with RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems and various partners, to demonstrate use of UAV in conjunction with combat vehicles, to achieve...
head-up display for battlefield

Battlefield Through Future Combatant Eyes

Up-to-date information on the battlefield can provide life-saving time during a mission. A new system will give American combatants a mixed reality view of...
Ratnik 3 by Agentx Anon youtube

Futuristic Full Body Combat Suit Shipped to Troops

Several Russian troops are getting the latest “soldier of the future” combat outfits. The third generation Ratnik combat outfit is a full body combat...
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Biosensing to Monitor Future Soldier’s Condition

In the multifaceted operational environments of future wars, Army forces will need to be more adaptive and optimized for execution. The development and production...
Photo illust US Army

Solutions Sought for Warfare in Contested Environments 

One of the problems characterizing the current battlefield is that in a contested environment with degraded or no GPS signal, the combatants cannot shoot,...
Photo illustration US DoD

Register: AUS&R 2019 Unmanned Systems and Robotics Conference & Exhibition

Attend the seventh Conference and Exhibition on Unmanned Systems and Robotics - AUS&R 2019. Register! Representatives from government, leading defense industries, military, security forces and law...


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OpenAI Forms its Own AI Safety Committee

Leading AI technology giant OpenAI revealed it has been setting up a safety and security committee and begun training a new AI model to...