Our Approach To EM Is Changing

electromagnetic. image by pixabay

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According to reports, a US Strategy will be developed and will implement “superior electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) capabilities” through improved enabling technologies to “sense, assess, share, maneuver, and survive” combat operations across the spectrum, while leveraging advanced commercial-based disruptive technologies, officials said. Modern warfare is fundamentally dependent on the electromagnetic spectrum. The EM spectrum is the range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and their respective wavelengths and photon energies.

The US Department of Defense has issued its long-awaited strategy on how US armed forces and their allies will wage war across the electromagnetic spectrum, setting the stage for a large-scale modernization and future acquisition of systems, platforms, and programs to support current and future EMSO.

Janes.com writes that an emphasis will also be put on the development of “robust electromagnetic spectrum battle management capabilities,” via modular, software-defined technologies.

“Some of the specific technologies we are looking at are Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) capabilities … frequency agility, frequency diversity, wide tuning ranges, and minimization of the electromagnetic footprint” in a multifunction, platform-agnostic approach while reducing electronic signatures vulnerable to detection, the officials said. 

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