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In a recent experiment carried out by the British Ministry of Defense (DoD), a series of battery-powered aircraft tests are being conducted as part of a joint venture between the DoD and a number of technology companies including Affinity, called Astra, to develop the next generation of Royal Air Force aircraft.

The test was carried out as part of a general assessment of using eco-friendly technologies to replace existing British Air Force training aircraft, while the Astra initiative formulates measures to make the UK carbon-neutral by 2040, according to

Velis Electro, the only standard electric aircraft in the world from Pipistreal, a Slovenian aircraft manufacturer specializing in light aircraft, was chosen to participate in the experiment.

The experiment examined the electric aircraft’s concept, processes, applications, and performance. During the past year, Velis Electro was operated by a small group of pilots in two different areas.

In addition, the British Ministry of Defense is conducting further experiments to implement its vision, which involves using synthetic and biological fuels for aircraft, upgrading equipment with electricity and hydrogen alternatives, and employing alternative energy sources.