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A new report assesses the evolving trends in the UAV industry in Israel, in the context of various geopolitical, economical and technological influences in the military field, in order to address the challenges of combat in the 21st century. A report by Research and Markets examines what the future holds for the UAV industry of Israel, based on global contexts and perspectives.

The Israeli defense industry is one of the world’s largest arms exporters, ranking in the top five UAV exporters, with sales of over $ 2.4 billion between 2017 and 2020.

With extensive operational experience and advanced technical capabilities that have proven their resilience even during the Corona period, the Israeli aerospace industry is regarded as an innovative global hub for security and commercial applications, with extensive operational experience and world-class technologies.

It is expected that the UAV market will continue to evolve through international competition and new technologies designed for commercial purposes, producing less expensive solutions than those created by the defense industry, according to As part of the report, the analysts examined new UAV concepts of operations (ConOps) that will have an impact on Israel’s UAV platform and service offerings, as well as how they will affect global market dynamics.

This report also discusses leading subsystems and recent developments, such as ISR sensors and advanced artificial intelligence systems that provide high performance data analysis, and future prospects, such as the development of swarm capabilities in Israeli technology, and includes predictions of what normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab countries will mean for Israel’s defense industry.