Virtual Reality Training – No Longer Futuristic


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A contract between a private company and the British Army will help the development of a cloud-distributed simulation demonstrator. This project will include cloud-based computing in the BMOD’s Defence Synthetic Environment Platform (DSEP), and Collective Training Transformation Program (CTTP). 

The company ‘Hedean’ is expected to develop and blend different 2D, 3D and Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) elements of training environments for land warfare into one immersive simulation, capable of running larger scenarios for remotely located physical and virtual users, without compromising on fidelity or complexity. The digital world’s assets and entities will be built using Bohemia Interactive’s VBS4, whilst live simulation system data will be drawn from a suite of leading defense training organizations. This project will hopefully encourage partnerships between private companies and government innovations, especially in regard to innovation and digital transformation. 

According to, this will enable the British Army to explore new areas of collective training where combat teams in geographically disparate live environments can operate remotely alongside troops exercising in the virtual world. The program will equip British warfighters with the necessary computing power to conduct live and synthetic training with their peers and help drive performance improvements. 

“The Collective Training Transformation Program (CTTP) is working with Army Innovation and Hadean to exploit new technology in the Future Collective Training System. This demonstration will deliver outputs that showcase how the technology from the commercial games industry could support the transformation of training with the introduction of a Synthetic Environment Platform,” said Mike Cooper, of the UK Ministry of Defence. 

The program will begin this summer and is expected to be completed by spring 2023.

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