Electronic Warfare In Space Force

US Armed Forces (USAF) are pursuing tactical-level electronic warfare (EW) support capabilities from space. This is in part as a result of an ongoing...
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What Is Tactical Cloud?

The US Army is preparing for the multi-domain battlefield. This year, the Army’s multi-domain task forces will serve as primary testbeds for the service’s...
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Ukraine Invites Manufacturers to Test Their Weapons on The Battlefield

Ever since the Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24th, western countries have slowly begun delivering various weaponry to the Ukraine troops in favor...
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Cognitive RF System – Now in Space

An allegedly "cognitive" radio frequency system was launched into space, not more than 2 weeks ago. As part of the Pentagon Space Test Program,...
Photo illus. by Wikimedia U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Steven Harbour (RELEASED)US Navy

Quantum Leap in Naval EO/IR Capabilities

The US Navy is boosting its fleet protection by adding advanced electro-optic/infrared capabilities to its carriers, destroyers, frigates, amphibious and landing helicopter assault ships. A...

New UGV Joins Product Family of Leading Israeli Company Roboteam

Providing certainty in unknown environments and protecting the lives of combat troops and law enforcement personnel in the most challenging combat scenarios - this...
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Low-Cost Systems are Expected to Revolutionize Anti-Drone Market

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) threats have become a challenge to law enforcement, military and commercial organizations alike. As a majority of the UAVs cannot...
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New Simulation Tech will Tackle Challenging Combat Arena

The US Air Force is integrating a new GPS simulator for weapons testing under electronic warfare — jamming — environments. The move is part...
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Responding to the Challenge of GNSS Jamming and Spoofing 

GNSS spoofing has become a growing security threat. This type of attack is a malicious attempt to alter a user's global navigation satellite system...
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Latvia to Enhance its Electromagnetic Protection

With the goal to equip its armed forces with emerging and disruptive technologies, the Latvian MoD will invest some $1.4 million in three innovative...

World’s First-of-its-Kind EW System Unveiled by IAI

The modern battlefield depends on the electromagnetic domain for sensing, communications, and navigation. Protecting them has become mission-critical for success in combat.  Israel Aerospace Industries...
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Detecting GPS Jammers

The proliferation of electronic devices designed to interfere with Global Positioning System signals is a problem for the Pentagon and for many industries that...
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Counter-UAV Tactical Responses – Insights from US DoD Experiment 2021

By Or Shalom In recent years, the threat of unmanned aerial vehicles on critical infrastructures and vessels has been a growing security challenge. The use...
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Unmanned Platform to Accompany Jet Fighters at Battlefield

A new autonomous aircraft could become the next-generation of drones that accompany manned planes into battle. Northrop Grumman has unveiled the stealthy jet Model...

Advanced Technology in Identification Friend-or-Foe Systems

Identifying the forces at the battlefield, differentiating friendly forces from the enemy, is a crucial capability. Identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) systems provide time-critical insights that...

GPS Receiver to Cope with Contested Environment Challenges

Missions and lives depend on warfighters' ability to find their way in unfamiliar and unpredictable territory. A new GPS receiver receives the new M-code...

New Electronic Warfare Capability to Infantry Vehicles

Electronic warfare capability will be provided to US infantry units, a capability not always available due to various constraints. The U.S. Army recently awarded...

AI-Based Optimization of Strike, Survivability and Stealth Missions

Defining the Problem The modern battlefield is characterized by a proliferation of sensors and threats to friendly forces in terms of quantity, range, and integration....
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Strategy: Achieving EMS Superiority

The US Department of Defense’s air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace operations depend on the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). In the midst of commercial advances,...

Electronic Warfare Specialist at the Tactical Edge 

As the US Army is gearing up to field a raft of electronic warfare equipment — including combined cyber and signals intelligence — it...

Successful Flight Test Proved 100km Range Capability

Airspace management will become considerably more complex with the entrance to service of more and more unmanned aerial systems, creating new safety and security...

Use of Anti-Spoofing and Jamming Code Expanding

M-Code is a new anti-spoofing, anti-jamming GPS signal designated for military use. With adversaries trying to jam and spoof signals to disrupt forces and...


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“Responsible AI” – The Solution to the Deepfake Threat?

Several months ago, thousands of Democratic New Hampshire voters received a telephone call from none other than US President Joe Biden urging them not...