Latvia to Enhance its Electromagnetic Protection

Latvia to Enhance its Electromagnetic Protection

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With the goal to equip its armed forces with emerging and disruptive technologies, the Latvian MoD will invest some $1.4 million in three innovative projects. The proposals that were selected under Latvia’s Defence Innovation Research program are: 

  • The improvement of electromagnetic protection and cybersecurity in field conditions.

The project will be developed in cooperation with the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science and the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Latvia. It will use innovative shielding, monitoring and data destruction technologies.

  • A prototype of a ballistic protective vest will feature a pressure-sensitive layer with graphene and silicon aerogel for accurate reception of impact. 
  • The development of a light and high-temperature resistant composite to protect UAVs from direct energy weapons.

The three winning projects will be implemented by December 2023, according to