What Is Tactical Cloud?

Cloud. image by pixabay

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The US Army is preparing for the multi-domain battlefield. This year, the Army’s multi-domain task forces will serve as primary testbeds for the service’s emerging data and cloud initiatives. Multi-domain warfare encompasses land, maritime, air, space, and cyber military operations in the high-end competition against adversaries with close to parallel power. 

A tactical cloud capability will be delivered by the Army to its two Multi-Domain Task Forces as the service prepares its networks for multi-domain operations, according to a top Army official involved in the effort.

The cloud deployments are meant to provide service leaders data on how to best optimize their IT infrastructure as the service continues a vast overhaul of its network and how it provides soldiers and commanders with information — widely seen as the key to future conflict.

“As we go into our next fight, whatever it is, it will be against an adversary who can contest us and will cause periods of degraded communication,” Lt. Gen. John Morrison, deputy chief of staff for the G6 (command, control, communications, cyber operations and networks), said. “And so it really comes down to where do you have to have the data? Where do you need to have compute and storage so that when you are operating in that degraded environment, you’re able to still conduct operations?” “We’ve got to find that right balance that allows us to really take the power of the cloud and the capabilities that will be resonant there and apply them at the point of need,” he was cited by breakingdefense.com.

He said that the Army decided in the last two months to “anchor” the service’s mission data and cloud efforts to the Multi-Domain Task Forces. 

The US Army laid the groundwork for its IT modernization this year through the release of its Unified Network Plan and its separate, broader Digital Modernization Strategy that both outlined the service’s route to IT modernization and multidomain operations. The tactical cloud pilot is a key piece of the Unified Network plan.

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