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US Air Force Looking to Modernize Its EW Capabilities

Adversaries of the US have noted the opportunity to disrupt U.S. forces through the spectrum, adopting high-tech methods to block access and jam or...

Dismounted Soldiers Can Now Operate in GPS-Denied Environments 

In GPS-denied environments, such as underground, in dense urban areas, and where GPS is jammed, warfighters need alternative location solutions. A new technology uses...

US Army Getting New Counter EW Technology

The US Army’s vision for 2028 focuses on preparing Soldiers for possible warfare with near-peer competitors, who have used electronic warfare to disrupt communications...

Tethered UAVs Gain Added Value

A recent collaboration enhances counter-drone capabilities on tethered aerial vehicles (TAVs). Zenith AeroTech, a developer of heavy-lift tethered aerial vehicles, has partnered with DroneShield...

New Counter-EW Capability Demonstrated

To navigate in electronic-warfare (EW) environments, armed forces need reliable and resilient GNSS/GPS positioning with anti-jam technology.  A new anti-jam technology for assured positioning, navigation...
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Israeli Company Developing GPS Defense Tech Reaches Important Goal 

The Israeli company infiniDome, developing security solutions against GPS jamming in drones, vehicles, and critical infrastructure, has accomplished another milestone on its way to...
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New EW Development Program Expected

The U.S. military wants to develop high-power microwave amplifiers that generate enough electromagnetic radiation to disrupt, disable, or damage targeted electronic components and circuits. Defense...
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New Move to Counter Navigation Systems’ Jamming and Spoofing 

Accurate positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) is necessary for the functioning of many critical infrastructure sectors. Precision timing is particularly important and is primarily...
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US Combatants will be Equipped with New Navigation Technology

As a navigation and surveillance system, GPS utilizes signals from orbiting satellites, operating independently of internet or telephone reception and working anywhere on or...
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Hornet Project Unveiled

Details of a previously unknown drone project unveiled in a Pentagon document suggest that US Special Forces are acquiring small drones equipped with electronic...
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New Development to Keep Post Location Secret

Over the last several years, the US Army has worked to build up its electronic warfare capabilities, pursuing a broad campaign of development, and...

Futuristic Tool to Be Applied in Electronic Warfare

A quantum sensor under development can detect the complete radio spectrum — and pick up Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AM and FM radio and other communication...

Preparing Next-Gen Maritime Strike Helicopter

The US Navy is looking for the next-generation maritime strike helicopter, as a successor to the Navy’s MH-60 Seahawk and MQ-8 Fire Scout.  The Navy’s...

Jam-Resistant GPS Technology Deployment Delayed

GPS may seem like everyday technology, but it depends on military systems that continue to evolve to meet defense needs. The US Department of...

Electromagnetic Spectrum – the US Wants to Rebuild its Capabilities

The Pentagon knows electronic warfare is going to be an important part of any great power competition with China and Russia, but it also...

US Navy Gets Critical EW Capability 

A next-generation jammer will be mounted aboard a US leading aerial electronic attack platform.  The US Navy recently announced a $496 million contract with L3Harris...

Turkey Developing First Armed Unmanned Surface Vessel

Turkey made a big investment in improving its naval defenses in the last decade, increasing the number of warships and military vessels and relying...

Solution Against GPS Jamming Required

US and allied GPS signals are under an increasing threat of enemy electronic warfare jamming attempts. A new US Air Force initiative addresses this...

GNSS-Free Navigation Solution Guarantees Safe Drone Operations

Drone delivery technologies are already here, and soon they will become an integral part of urban life in the smart city environment. Drone flights...

Japan is Enhancing its Electronic Warfare Capabilities

Military actions today depend on the effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum to surveil and assess the battlespace, to protect friendly forces and equipment,...
Hermes 900 UAV Elbit Systems

Shuki Yehuda, Senior VP, Elbit Systems – at the AUS&R 2020...

The close to ground level has recently become the focus of intense technological innovation. Shuki Yehuda, EVP, CTO & R&D, Headquarters, Elbit Systems elaborated...

Electromagnetic Spectrum Innovation – Fifth Dimension of Warfare

In recent years, the electromagnetic spectrum field has gained momentum all over the world. From a technical-operational field whose availability at the battlefield was...


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“Responsible AI” – The Solution to the Deepfake Threat?

Several months ago, thousands of Democratic New Hampshire voters received a telephone call from none other than US President Joe Biden urging them not...