stealth aircraft

New Radar to Be Able to Expose Stealth Aircraft

Stealth aircraft rely on special paint and body design to absorb and deflect radio waves—making them invisible to traditional radar. They also use electronic...
special forces

Special Forces Are Outsourcing Even Intelligence Services

Special forces around the world are interested in ISR capabilities, which is often associated with on-the-ground targeting and drone surveillance during operations. Recently, there...
miniature uavs

Miniature UAVs Play Role in Maritime Operations

In recent years, there has been a growing need in Maritime Miniature Unmanned Aircraft System (MMUAS) for the international surface combatant and coastal craft...

Paramedics Are Now Piloting BLVO Drones

Paramedics in Canada can now see the bigger picture, as Federal authorities in the country has granted a county in the Ontario Province a...
video encoder

Video Encoders Reach Battlefield

The growing demand for real-time imagery in the most demanding environments increases the deployment of more situational awareness systems in various types of military...

Communication Sharing Across Border During Disaster

During a disaster, thousands of people are trying to communicate through the same network at the same time in the same area. This results...
combat vehicles

Harsh Competition in Combat Vehicles Field

The Slovak army is planning to modernize its equipment over the next decade, including new four-wheeled combat vehicles. Within this framework, 10 armored vehicles...

UAV, UAS or RPAS – What is The Right Term?

As a fast-growing market thriving with innovative technologies, unmanned aerial systems have received various names. Manufacturers, public organizations, operator, and associations are all referring...